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Core Belief Restructuring

The goal of any healing modality is to heal, obviously, but to heal what usually creates the variation in methodology. In Core Belief Restructuring, what is being healed or transformed, rather, are sub-conscious beliefs or misperceptions. Little consideration of the physical body is given, other than as a vehicle for communication. This method of healing is concerned with corrections of the mind, and not the conscious mind, but the mind that feeds the conscious mind its boundaries.

Many people begin to feel restrictions in life, and those restrictions can manifest as frustrations in the creative, financial, romantic or spiritual life. After we are finished looking outside ourselves for someone or something to blame, we eventually come to realize that our greatest saboteur is ourselves. Then the question inevitably arises, what can be done about it? The misperceptions that are subliminal are creating a physical life that we don’t want. How do we extract those misbeliefs?

For example, one fairly common belief that we hold is regarding financial concerns: To be rich is to be bad . This is not conscious, or sometimes it is, but it has been learned through observing many instances of the misuse of power, of which money only happens to be one method. Your present consciousness says you are ready to live in your abundance and enjoy what you have worked so hard for, only to find again and again that things keep getting in the way of that comfortable dream. Assuming you are really ready to enjoy your physical existence without the pain of victimhood, all that needs to happen is to release, or transform that belief . It is really that simple.

Within a session of Core Belief Restructuring, you will be given the opportunity to remove or release what no longer serves you. Using your own Highest Self as a template, you decide at a metaphysical level, what is ready to be released. Instead of talking or deciding ahead of time, you will be guided by the vision of a part of you that is much greater than that which you currently express. This higher You will illuminate your greatest potential. From these promptings, you simply release whatever presently limits or restricts your physical reality. So the goal is not just changing the mind as an exercise in self-discipline; it is to create a more fulfilling, enjoyable, complete life now, in the physical reality. Changing the greater mind accesses information upstream that causes dysfunction downstream. You want to float easily and effortlessly down the stream of life without bumping into anything traumatic or painful. Recreate the upstream energy that is causing the turbulence, instead of trying to endlessly move logs out of the way that keep flowing down your river towards you.

As with any healing experience, a client must resonate with the modality, have trust and confidence in the healer and feel that they themselves can be healed. When these three conditions are met, healing cannot help but happen! Julie Hutslar

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