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Bach Flower Remedies – Healing from the Plant World

As a practicing massage therapist, I have found many modalities that enhance the quality of life for my clients. One I especially enjoy, Bach Flower Remedies, has proven to be of great benefit when assisting clients with their spiritual and emotional issues.

Bach Flower Remedies, developed in England by Dr. Edward Bach, have been practiced for over fifty years. Dr. Bach developed his “flower therapy” from discoveries he made while studying the properties of dew on flower petals and the water’s ability to hold the unique essence of each individual flower. He then applied these “essences” on people with various mental and emotional issues and found these specialized waters brought relief from many of their symptoms.

The healing properties unique to each plant are distilled by sunlight or boiling spring water. The “tinctures” are then mixed with alcohol and diluted into a final mixture that is taken by dropper internally, mostly sublingually (under the tongue). Many flower essences matching the needs of the client can be safely mixed together to provide a positive change. These homeopathic natural flower essences do not conflict with any other medications the client may be taking.

Bach Flower Remedies do not focus on the physical symptoms of an illness or discomfort, but rather aim to address underlying or predominant mental or emotional conditions. Many times clients come to my office asking for physical relief when, in reality, their discomfort originates from something deeper. This is a perfect time for Bach Flower Remedies to come to the rescue. For example, one client came to me complaining of chest pains. When questioning her, she shared that her beloved dog had just recently passed away. I gave her Rescue Remedy (a Bach flower blend) for stress and shock. I also provided Honeysuckle for mourning a loss. After ten minutes she said that her chest pains (in the heart area) had disappeared and that she felt lighter and more at peace.

There are thirty eight single Bach Flower Essences and countless combinations from which to choose. So how does one choose? I question my clients about how they are feeling and look for underlying emotional or mental conditions. I then administer the corresponding remedy. Some examples are Agrimony for fear, Impatiens for restlessness, Larch for insecurity, Holly for irritability and rage, and Walnut for major life changes.

The beauty of Bach Flower Remedies is that the body knows exactly what to do with them and there are no side effects or overdosing indications. In this type of therapy, less is more; only a few drops at a time are all that is required to make a positive difference.

To learn more about Bach Flower Remedies, I suggest reading The Bach Flower Remedies by Edward Bach, MD. Another good resource is Advanced Bach Flower Therapy by Gotz Blome, MD.

Toni Tessier, CMT, has practiced massage therapy and Bach Flower Remedies for over twelve years. She maintains her practice at Stepping Stones Wellness Center, 803 Pine Street, Sandpoint and may be reached at (208) 610-8681.

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