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Kitchen Skin 2

Kitchen Skin is the art of creating beneficial products for your skin right in your own kitchen using, for the most part, everyday ingredients in your kitchen. You may need to purchase a couple of specialty items such as glycerin, beeswax or a special herb but they should be readily available at your local health food store/herbal supplier/pharmacy. In a previous article I provided home recipes for cleansers, toners and masks for various skin needs. In this article are recipes for a family moisturizer and herbal baths for pleasurable and therapeutic body skin care.

This is a moisturizer that all the family can use:

Light Rose Moisture Cream

(for all skin types)

1 tsp beeswax

1 tsp lanolin

1 tbsp almond oil

½ tsp wheat germ oil

1/8 tsp borax

3 tbsp rosewater, warmed

6 drops essential oil of rose or rose geranium

Melt the beeswax and lanolin together, stirring constantly.

Warm the oils gently and gradually beat them into the waxes. Dissolve the borax in the rosewater and slowly add to the oil and wax mixture, beating constantly until cool.

Stir in the rose oil as the mixture begins to thicken. Spoon into sterile jar and label.

For use on the face.

Herbs in the Bath

A cleansing, soothing bath can be achieved by the addition of dried herbs, herbs as essential oils or teas.

Although it’s a romantic idea to sprinkle scented leaves and flowers directly onto the water, it’s not advisable. You will emerge from such a bath like a creature from a swamp, with plant bits clinging to every part of your body! Instead, place herbs in a tea infuser and put into your bath as it is filling up or hang tea bags over the faucet as the water is running. Or, make a tea in advance and then pour the tea into your bath water. Several drops (5-10) of an essential oil allows you to lie in an envelope of fragrance and feel their beneficial power.

For true relaxation, which is balance, you may choose a calming or a stimulating bath:

For a calming bath the following herbs are good. Use teabag, in a tea diffuser or essential oil:



If you infuse (let sit) 2 oz of dried or 4 oz of fresh herb in milk (not skim) for 2 hours, strain and add to bath you will soften and freshen your skin at the same time.

A stimulating bath can be very balancing for exhaustion, worry, and a sluggish system. Try the following:


Lemon Balm


Thyme (antiseptic properties)

Basil (helps clear the head of congestion and confusion)

Rosemary (helps improve memory)

To soothe itchiness, aching muscles try the following:

Bring 2 ½ cups of apple cider vinegar and a handful of fresh bath herbs to the boil, then infuse overnight. Strain and bottle. Add a cupful of this mixture to your bath for its beneficial effects.

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Master Herbalist

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