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Relaxation and Reflexology

Why do we need it? Why do we want it? Because everything is better when you’re relaxed. Stress is considered a major contributing factor in 95% of all illnesses and health complaints. Stress affects every cell, organ, gland, muscle and body part, as well as your emotions, mind and spirit so your life is improved profoundly by relaxation. Productivity, creativity, joy, sex, thinking, sleeping, digestion, hormone production, immune system, circulation, love, communication and even spiritual peace are all touched and transformed by relaxation.

How do we relax?

A good cry and laughing jiggle us up loosening the tension, shaking up the stagnation, which changes our vibrations- speeds them up or slows them down as needed. That’s why dancing, singing, a brisk walk, a run, sports, yoga, also help us feel better and more relaxed. These activities change our vibration rate. Your body is always seeking balance and the state of homeostasis. It knows what the correct vibration rate is. The body will pick up what it needs and let go what it does not in order to correct the vibration rate.

Unfortunately, we often feel we do not have the time, energy or fitness for many of the healthier answers to changing vibration rates and finding relaxation. We turn to alcohol, food, lounging, vacuous TV watching and so on to restore our balance. We all know true wellness is not found like this but it is easy and enjoyable on many sensual levels.

“Just put your feet up”

As a Reflexologist I tell my stressed out or burnt out clients “Put your feet up and get happy, get healthy and get relaxed”. It’s a simple and blissful way to find profound, healing relaxation. It combines the much needed change in vibration rate with an activity that is easy, enjoyable and healthy!

Reflexology has mapped the entire body on the feet. The left foot is the left side of the body, the right foot the right side. The head, chest, abdomen, intestines, pelvis and every organ, gland and body part in those areas all have a reflex in the feet.

The Reflexologist, by applying pressure on these reflexes (using thumb or forefinger), promotes a balancing response in the body. Like a domino effect, energy is stimulated to flow through pathways to all body parts. The necessary energy is taken or given up to restore the correct vibration rate. This induces deep relaxation throughout the body, mind and spirit- automatically and effortlessly- which is always beneficial to any health complaint.

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