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Addressing Back Pain with Reflexology

Feet are an adventure when you’re a Reflexologist and a journey of discovery for you, the client. When my fingers begin to walk all over your feet, following the map of reflexes that connect your feet with every body part, I find lumps, crystals, soft and hard places, tender, numb and empty spaces. These unbalanced reflexes with their differing textures and temperatures feel tender, tingly or numb and they reveal stress, tension, congestion, exhaustion, inflammation, degeneration, and much more, in your related body part. Your life is in your feet to be revealed and healed! Using my thumb and forefinger to apply a sensitive pressure, I spend extra time on these unbalanced reflexes. This stimulates energy to flow, in a domino effect, correcting vibration rates throughout your entire body/ mind/heart / spirit. You are very relaxed, genuinely changed and renewed by this effect.

You don’t need to be ill or suffering with a particular complaint or condition to benefit from reflexology. We can all use relaxation and balancing in any state of wellness. But, if you do have a health issue, reflexology is always beneficial and there are no contraindications to having reflexology.

“Can working on my feet help my back pain?” Absolutely! Rest your foot on the outside edge and examine the inner edge. The area from the middle of your big toe down to your inner heel area is the spine reflex. ‘Walking’ and ‘working’ the reflexes with my fingers up and down this whole length along several different paths reaches all parts of your back-vertebrae, spinal column, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves- and relieves tension, pain, stiffness, inflammation and even misalignment. “It’s like you’ve oiled my neck” people will say or “I feel like I’ve had a back massage.” Some clients make amazing discoveries. An aching knee, numb feet or painful leg is actually a lower back or hip problem.

People sometimes ask if reflexology actually helps with foot pain while it’s having such a profound affect on every other part of your body. Good question. Yes, it does. Reflexology improves the pain of inflammation and stagnation with the increased circulation it brings. It helps stretch tight, stiff and cramped muscles and relieves inflamed ligaments and pinched nerves. For these reasons, discomfort associated with many different conditions such as bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and more are helped by foot reflexology. “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over”. It is wonderful to help with foot pain and in so doing, help someone feel better all over.

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