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Fighting Cancer – What Each of Us Can Do

Cancer is such a scary word for every living being. We all have been touched by cancer in some way through family, friends, community members, and even our pets. Management of cancer becomes a horrific experience as well as an expensive one.

Cancer is ever changing because it is so adaptable and aggressive. The medical and pharmacological communities scramble each year to keep up with the science of cancer to not only heal us from this growing epidemic, but to also help us prevent its occurrence.

Prevention is key to warding off this disease and one of the most important components to focus on is healthy nutrition – reducing or eliminating processed and refined foods, increasing our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables; eating many raw and in the form of fresh juices. Whole foods are rich in nutrients containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes and a host of synergistic partners that aid in the proper breakdown and absorption of these vital ingredients all of our healthy cells require to fight the battle.

It requires a huge amount of good nutrients to detoxify the chemistry of processed foods, dyes, preservatives, herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics, all ingredients linked to cancer, that coat or are a part of the foods we eat daily. As well, the same healthy nutrients are necessary to detoxify the myriad environmental pollutants we are exposed to. Detoxification generally occurs first within our bodies leaving few nutrients to chemically combine, breakdown, and enable proper absorption and metabolism.

Stress is another factor that creates harmful chemistry in our bodies that must be detoxified before it can be eliminated, again using up vital nutrients needed to ward off disease. Adjusting our lifestyles to eliminate stress factors becomes essential in the fight to prevent cancer.

For those undergoing cancer therapies, it is important to recognize the complications that arise, especially if lymph nodes have been surgically removed, such as edema and lymphedema. The lymph system collects our cellular waste products and sends out our immune system fighting armies to do battle on our behalf. When lymph nodes are removed the process of eliminating these wastes slows down resulting in swelling with limb and torso enlargement. This can become painful and debilitating. We need the fullest power of our lymph system to keep our wastes moving out, so stagnation within this vital system can become disastrous.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Therapy (MLD) is the perfect answer for jump starting the lymph system following surgery and treatment. Its gentle pumping effect is soothing and effective at moving wastes along within a slowed down system and in supporting recovery and maintenance for the cancer patient. Teaming MLD with good nutritional choices, increasing physical exercise, learning deeper breathing techniques, and practicing relaxation strategies become the key components for helping us prevent cancer, recover from it, and manage any side effects of treatment therapies.

We want to be our optimal best each day. It is up to each of us to do our part as best we can and make the changes we can control. When we consider it is all about chemistry, providing ourselves with the benefits of life supporting chemistry rather than destructive chemistry becomes a powerful tool we all have available every day.

Krystle Shapiro, BA, LMT, CDT, Reiki

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