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This was an email sent to Robin, one of our members.

Marian agreed to share it with everyone –

Good morning Robin!

I wanted to comment on the Sandpoint Wellness Council’s article in November’s River Journal.  However, there was no shared email address or Internet place to contact ou as a group; so I am sending this to you and hope you will share it with the others.

I thought your group article on Fibromyalgia was timely, important and very well done — a true community service.  For me it’s timely because I have a new client suffering from Fibromyalgia.  She was diagnosed after numerous tests.  What sets my client apart from the things you (all) mentioned is that she has been a crystal meth addict.  This is not my first — the rapid teardown of a body exposed to crystal meth use is common among users and the statistical link between meth and fibromyalgia is growing.  So it is to be expected in their cases that their recovery to health will be long and hard.  What makes it even harder is that they usually have no money for treatment.

In my experience muscle spasms from detoxification (which can reoccur over months) can be severe and crippling; therefore massage is essential and I appreciate Krystle’s comments as well as her observation that many such sufferers are hypersensitive to being touched.  That’s where non-touch vibrational modalities (such as Pranic Healing or even self-touch methods like EFT) can be very helpful.  Penny’s suggestions about changing the internal environment and rebuilding the immune system through diet/herbs and reflexology are also very important.  A person in this bad a shape is often deeply depressed and therefore hard to motivate.  So spiritual overlays may also be in order.

I will keep this article for my office clients to read and I congratulate you on your group approach.  It has been long known that a group mind is much stronger and more creative than the mere sum of its parts.  Together you will enhance and highten a healthier environmebnt for your community.  Keep up the good work.

Marian Breckenridge, Healing Arts Associates,Sandpoint, ID  83864

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