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Your Relaxation Destination

Sometimes my clients ask me, “Where do you go when you need relaxation/some wellness advice?” I tell them I go to someone who works the way I do and that we are blessed in Sandpoint with so many gifted natural health practitioners that I have a choice.

I look for a practitioner who will ask questions that will reveal my mental, emotional and spiritual nature as well as my physical concerns. I look for someone who makes me feel safe, confident in their skill, knowledge and confidentiality. I look for a practitioner whose therapy is both revealing and healing. Just as reflexology uncovers the true source of a complaint while ensuring relaxation and renewal for my client, I want the therapy I receive to be equally detecting, balancing and healing.

I recently had an awesome experience with Robin Mize who offers Quantum Biofeedback at Stepping Stones (208-263-8846). She asked me a number of questions about my stressors and history which she typed into a computer program. Then, I was gently wrapped at ankles, wrists and head to connect me to the computer via cords. As lovely music played and I closed my eyes, the energetic connection between me and the computer began to build a picture of my health and wellness.  It was a completely comfortable experience. Feeling  at peace, joyful about my life and content in so many ways, I wondered what could be revealed about my mind, body and spirit? Surely I was the picture of health!

Once the energetic exchange was complete, I was astounded at the array of information that Robin relayed to me that had been recorded during my session. Areas of congestion, toxic build up, residue of emotional pain as well as areas of strength and health were revealed. I knew she was right as I had been ignoring some signals in my body that certain functions needed some cleansing. I owned up to the fact that a little too much sugar and coffee were keeping me going and that I knew my insulin levels were a little too high. What I learned next was very exciting. The energetic component of this therapy, balances a variety of imbalances in the body, mind and spirit and actually helps restore wellness during each session. At the same time, Robin used suggestions to help curb my sugar habit so that I would have much more control over my eating habits once I left her office and returned to my regular life.

I am thrilled to tell you that my habit for sugar is completely under control. What I mean by that is that I am at choice about when I have it and how much. In fact, there are many occasions when I simply don’t feel like it! When a habit can not be broken, even if you’d like to stop it, it is actually an addiction. My addiction is gone.

There are so many ways to find health, balance, peace, joy, relief and renewal with wellness therapies offered in Sandpoint. There’s no need to suffer! I wish you every success in your search for wellness and happiness!

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