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Choose a Wise Course of Action to Heal Effectively

This afternoon as I sat in the new found sun and planned my vegetable garden, I reveled in my warm experience and joy at the change in the season.  Tiring after cleaning and repairing my martin houses as I welcome their return and thinking too much about design and veggie choices for this year, I decided to take a nap on the deck in the sun.  My cat Mitzi joined me, resting at first on my chest; then deciding the pillow was much more inviting than the undulating bed of my breathing she originally chose, she settled on snuggling around my head.  This was glorious for me as I began a meditation in the rhythm of her purring and could hear her breath going in and out and the gurglings of her inner landscape.  She purred me into a restful nap as the new spring breeze wafted over the two of us in the filtered light of the waning afternoon sun.

I awoke to many thoughts about the acceleration of illness around the globe.  This must have come from thinking about vegetables, a luscious garden-to-be, my reason to grow my own food, and my studies as a budding holistic nutritionist.  My specialized massage training focuses on the complications people suffer from cancer therapies, namely lymphedema – that most uncomfortable condition that can occur when one experiences invasive surgeries like mastectomy and radiation that often occurs following a diagnosis of all types of cancers.  The aftermath of these treatments can be devastating to the human body causing massive swelling and pain.

My therapy ameliorates such consequences redirecting the flow of normal lymph fluid to other areas of the body to try to pick up the slack from regions so affected by such treatment protocols.  I am not suggesting that such treatments are not necessary, only that I serve to assist people to manage the consequences, ones they often are never told they will experience.

The afternoon warmth and my conscious awareness brought me back to the reasons I undertook my studies in holistic nutrition.  Years ago I began learning about environmental medicine and its approaches to such extreme conditions of illness, its effects and aftermath, and learning of many new scientifically based methods of addressing these difficulties.  Complaints of unwellness, aches, pains, and general suffering abound today.  I want to know the reasons.  I research the causes.  I want to understand why so many of us are willing to accept solutions to symptoms and not to causes, and why we are so willing to accept a quick fix rather than to undertake what is required to really heal and maintain wellness.

Media is no help.  It eases our overly busy consciousness into easy solutions.  Yes, we want relief, but I find the relief that comes from such remedies too short lived and generally ineffective-never addressing the root causes of our problems.  This awareness generated my connecting with other holistic practitioners to find better solutions and the birth of The Sandpoint Wellness Council.  My hope was that together, with other practitioners holding beliefs “outside the box” of our conditioned acceptance of one prescription fits all, they would help me find better answers for those suffering all too long the ongoing dilemmas of their lack of wellness.  I sought to discover what other choices we could choose that would make a difference and generate long lasting wellness.

I now find many of my answers in holistic nutrition.  The body is a chemistry lab-but individualistic-no two are alike.  The causes of symptoms in one person are not always the same that cause the same or even similar symptoms in another.  Many factors abound.  Finding the puzzle piece that fits one and completes “their” picture does not necessarily fit into the puzzle of another.  I have found that many answers to ongoing illness can be found in poor nutritional habits-many generated by media hype promoting fortified foods; these often supplemented with artificial and synthetic ingredients our bodies do not recognize and cannot utilize. Reading labels and understanding what is being added to our foods is the first step toward long lasting wellness, in reducing our intake of poor quality foods and increasing the fueling of our bodies with wholesome whole foods rich in purposeful nutrients, all of which enable our body’s myriad specialized cells to work effectively to generate energy and to repair as well as to attack pathogens and recover from stress and strain.

As a massage therapist, I recognize that my style is great for many but not all.  Other therapists have special interests and have undertaken specialized studies as I have, and they may have the skill and knowledge to resolve someone’s symptom that I cannot.  What is most important is to recognize what is needed and to direct clients toward resolution of their health challenges, to help educate others with what we know, what others know, and with what works. Best of all, when we come from the foundation of knowledgeable and well grounded research, effective and long lasting solutions can be found.

I celebrate my association with the many professional and well educated members of The Sandpoint Wellness Council who bring to their clients appropriate information for healing and wellness and for our willingness to seek solutions that are effective and long lasting.

Krystle Shapiro is a member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council.  She owns Touchstone Massage Therapies and can be reached at 208/290-6760.

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