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I would like to introduce Chris Rinehart as one of the newest members of The Sandpoint Wellness Council bringing his expertise in homeopathy to the Council’s mission of providing professional and well researched information on health care options.

A little boy who is prone to earaches without warning can go from a happy state of play to a state of great anguish crying violently while holding his painful ear. His mother, working with a homeopath, will administer a dose of belladonna at the onset of an acute episode. This reduces the need for antibiotics and will quickly restore the child to a calm and pain free state.

A beloved family pet may be susceptible to bouts of mange, an unsightly and painful skin disorder that greatly distresses both the animal and the owner. A homeopathic approach would be for the dog’s owner to administer a dose of the remedy Pulsatila at the first sign of a problem. This reduces the need for steroid injections and will help relieve the animal’s symptoms and restore the skin and coat to a healthy condition.

What is this compelling form of treatment that is both safe for small children and pets and how does it work?

Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine developed by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. It uses highly diluted specially prepared doses of natural substances to trigger the body’s self healing mechanisms in a comprehensive manner.

People tend to call any kind of natural therapy homeopathy. When people come to my office, they expect me to prescribe high doses of vitamins and herbs. With homeopathy I give specific medicines in very small doses for the whole person. It is a non toxic way to stimulate the body to heal it self. The more a remedy is diluted it becomes potent, provides an effective cure, and has no discomforting side effects.

Think about a child after a party. She is so excited she can’t sleep and is jumping up and down. This is a child in a coffee state, the effect of too much stimulating caffeine; in the case of the party, most likely a sugar high.   Giving her a dose of homeopathic coffee  will calm her down.

The basic concept of homeopathy is “like-cures-like.”  Hahnemann referred to this as the law of similars.  The patient’s symptoms present clues for what the body needs to rid itself of an illness.

For example, if a person is suffering from hay fever allergies a homeopath might give him a tiny dose of Allium Sepa. This remedy is derived from the red onion, a pungent vegetable known to produce watering eyes and runny noses. By giving the patient a substance that will reproduce his symptoms, the homeopath seeks to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Today homeopathy is recognized and practiced throughout the world both as a stand alone treatment and as a complement to conventional medical therapy. It is an effective treatment in emergencies and acute illnesses like the flu as well as for chronic illness like allergies, arthritis, migraines, depression and asthma.

For homeopathic treatment in Sandpoint please call Chris Rinehart CHOM at 208-610-0868.  Chris is a member of The Sandpoint Wellness Council.  Please visit for articles by Chris and all council members.

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