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Be Healthy with the Sandpoint Wellness Council

What is your best investment? Today it might not be your IRA. I suspect that as you reevaluate your assets, your health might now be your most important investment. Even with the latest technology of modern medicine, health can’t always be returned.

Sandpoint Wellness Council (SWC) formed around the premise that more of us are looking for ways to not only stay healthy, but also to recover lost health. A recent article in the Washington Post stated, “More than one-third of adults and nearly 12 percent of children in the United States use alternatives to traditional medicine, according to a large federal survey released today….”

President Obama set health care reform as a major priority for his administration. SWC participated in suggesting to his health care team what we saw as a solution to this dilemma – supporting people in taking responsibility for their own health. To do this you need to be informed. That is SWC’s primary goal. Through articles in the Daily Bee and our web site,, since January 2008 we have written on a full range of topics. We are planning to sponsor or participate in local events to get out and meet our readers.

The aim of each SWC member is to bring knowledge and offer choices in one’s journey to wellness. We see Sandpoint becoming a holistic town, just as it is an art town. Through events and the ability of our web site to allow for comments and interactions, we hope to empower you to have the resources you need to be healthy.

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