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Homeopaths believe that whenever possible the body should be allowed to cure itself through its own natural healing resources.  When this fails to work alterations in habits, lifestyle, and diet need to be considered and homeopathic methods can be used to stimulate and support the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Many people are accustomed to and comfortable using far too many drugs. Some drugs fail to provide the relief sought over time and often have many negative and dangerous side effects.   Many have unknown and/or poorly researched information on long term effects. Some may weaken the immune system that in turn reduces the ability of the body to heal itself.  Reduced immunity often leads to chronic illness that then leads to the use of more drugs and our ever familiar vicious cycle of not being or becoming well.

Most of us have sensitivities or susceptibilities as part of our constitution which makes us unique in our make-up of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. It may be emotional as when one has difficulty recovering from the grief of losing a loved one; it may be physical as when a child has a bad reaction to a vaccination; or functional as when one develops an allergic reaction to foods easily tolerated by others such as milk products, peanuts, or strawberries. Some children always catch a chill after getting wet; others develop colds that always go to their chests. Some adults are susceptible to heart disease or cancer while others remain well until arthritis catches up with them in old age.

The patterns of modern disease suggest that our immune systems are losing their ability to shake off disease. We often only manage to contain rather than to defeat the problem. Our vitality may have become lowered by factors such as poor diet, prescription drugs, stress, and lack of exercise.

A weakened immune system may lead one to catch cold after cold or develop chronic asthma or suffer from persistent ulcers, cancer, or heart disease. At this point outside help is required. This is where a professional homeopath can come to the rescue.  A professional homeopath may be able to boost your energy and reduce your susceptibilities thereby reducing your need to take prescription drugs.

Modern physics tells us of the interchangeable nature of matter and energy, the same message mystics throughout the ages have shared with us. The physical body is a complex web of subtle energy systems interacting with its physical natures. To heal deeply and completely, it makes sense to use a similar type of energy. Homeopathy is one of the oldest, fastest and the safest of the energy medicines.

Chris Rinehart is a member of The Sandpoint Wellness Council and may be reached at 208/610-0868.

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