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Saving Our Train Station

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This post might not directly be about wellness in Sandpoint, but it does speak about our quality of life in our small town.

Last night I had a long discussion with Aric Spence and his wife Cecilia about preserving our train station. It seems as if Amtrak is planning to abandon it because they can. I suspect in these tight economic times Amtrak with their history of loses see the station as a liability. From what Aric discovered, maintaining the station will not cost Amtrak any money, having it actually generates a good chunk of money through ticket scales.

Aric discovered that ITD gave Amtrak a million dollars to appease Amtrak so they could build the byway. The city is looking at the station from the BNSF as a donation. There is interest in the community to renovate the station with volunteers. There is also a possibility that other passenger trains may come through Sandpoint on their way to Glacier National Park and one to Boise.

Aric explained to me how our little station is unlike any other built in the country. It also meets all the Amtrak bus requirements – a reason why Amtrak was abandoning it.

I encourage you to visit the well research web site Aric created about the station: Sign up for more info from the site. Contact our elective representatives and tell them what you want done with our station. Also, let your media sources know about our little station that could… be a tourist hub for this whole region.

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