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CranioSacral Therapy and the Mouth

Nothing hurts worse than a sore jaw.  Every time you bite down or chew the joint that connects the jaw to the upper palate (the temporal mandibular joint – or TMJ) can cry out in pain.  What can be even worse is when both TMJ’s are affected. Because you have to chew and eat, there is really no rest for TMJ’s.  Some dentists make mouth guards for clients to wear at night.  It is their hope that if the client clenches his/her jaw during sleep, he/she will have a soft surface to bite, rather than grinding the teeth and tightening those TMJ’s.  But if that doesn’t work and the condition worsens, there is no other remedy to loosen those tight joints except surgery.

CranioSacral Therapy has proven invaluable in loosening the temporal mandibular joint, and all other parts of the upper and lower palates of the mouth.  Many people have been relieved of TMJ syndrome simply by having a few CS sessions.

The trained CS practitioner uses latex gloves (or another type) and utilizes more than 20 light touch procedures within the mouth to effectively release pressure and binding within the bones and tissues.  These techniques include releasing and decompressing the maxillae , decompressing the vomer (a bone that runs vertically to the midline of the mouth up to the sphenoid bone), opening the palatine and zygomatic arches, loosening the tissues of the tongue, and releasing the TMJs.  All of these procedures work as a whole to allow the mouth to naturally realign and form a happy and pain free biting structure.

Many clients have avoided surgery or costly dental procedures with this type of therapy.  I recommend clients to try it as it provides benefits to the body with no side effects like some medications.  It is allows the body to self heal.

CranioSacral Testimonial by Krystle Shapiro, LMT

As many of my friends and clients know, I underwent a complete dental makeover opting for implanted dentures.  This involved many hours of the dental surgeon and the prosthedontist stretching the limits of my jaws.  Prior to my surgeries, I scheduled two cranio-sacral sessions.  My intention was to insure that all the bones in my head were in proper place and that my TMJ joints were balanced.  I learned at those sessions about the muscles supporting my tongue and how tight they were!  This was all balanced, released, and relaxed in my sessions.  Following 8 hours of the specialists pulling teeth, inserting metal posts, and installing the temporary dentures, I experienced no pain from all that fussing in my mouth.  I had minimal swelling for which I performed my own lymph drainage procedures to reduce.  I credit cranio-sacral therapy for having made this experience pain free.

By Ilani Kopiecki, BA & CMT

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