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Coping With Stress in the Workplace

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Like it or not, for millions of people around the world, their workplace is a home away from home.  For the lucky few, this is a wonderful, fulfilling experience that brings much richness and joy into their lives.  For the many, their work environment brings challenges and stress that can build up over days, months, and years.  Sometimes this can affect a person’s physical, as well as, mental and emotional wellbeing.  This article offers some suggestions that can help you make it through your day, and possibly, change some old negative patterns that no longer work for you.  Have fun with these suggestions, and use the ones that feel right for you.

Your Physical Environment

  • Bring photos of family, friends and/or pets and put them up around you workspace.  There’s nothing like a loved one looking back at you during the day to brighten your mood.  If you are feeling down or upset, just take a look at one of those pictures and allow yourself to have a few moments of gratitude and love for that person or pet.

Your Mental Wellbeing

  • With so much to remember during the day, and lots of responsibility to accept, the brain can get overloaded with seemingly millions of details.  At this point many people feel “burned out”, and unable to take on anything else!  A great technique to cool things down is what I call “the brain melt”.  Just sit quietly for a few minutes (even 1 minute will help!), close your eyes, and take a deep breath and let it out.  Let your body relax and allow your seat to hold you up.  Put your attention on your breath, and as thoughts come up, let them melt away like butter.  As new thoughts arise (as they will!), notice them, let them melt, and gently put your attention back to your breath.  There is no judging involved, just noticing.  Do this for a few minutes and you may feel refreshed and restored, and able to attend to your daily tasks with a new clarity. 

Your Emotional Wellbeing

  • Find things to do that give you joy in your every day life, away from your job.  Participating in sports, a hobby, or getting together with understanding friends and family are some ways to bring laughter to your life.

These suggestions are some of the ways you can lift your spirits and have more grace and ease at your workplace.  Maybe you will come up with some or your own ideas and use them.  Good luck!

Ilani Kopiecki, BA & CMT is a CranioSacral Therapist and Therapeutic Massage Practitioner.  She has been in practice for ten years. Ilani maintains her office at Stepping Stones Wellness Center, 803 Pine Street, in Sandpoint, Idaho.  For more information about Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, or to make an appointment, please call her at 208 610-2005.  Or visit her website at:

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