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Real Health, Real Food, Effective Strategies for Sustained Wellness

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Good health and well being is a huge topic of concern lately.  We all have had our awareness raised when we hear of various drugs being recalled that have caused serious illness or even death.  We concern ourselves with the rise of obesity especially in childhood, autoimmune disorders, allergies, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart attack and strokes in young people that we all felt would only occur in elder people, the increase in the incidence of depression, autism, bipolar disorder and other conditions that affect most of us in some way, either for ourselves or from others we know and love.

Many people today recognize that the time is now to make a shift in our thinking about what is good for us, what is occurring in the manufacturing practices of our foods, what chemicals and pollutants accumulate in our bodies daily that contribute to being unwell and create suffering from fatigue and chronic disorders, and whether or not we can do anything effective and sustaining for ourselves to prevent any unwanted and potentially long suffering condition from occurring in us.

The global, national, regional, and community experiences of our great grandparents to our parents held quite different influences on health from what is occurring today for people.  With the onset of war and the rise of industrialization, our planet began a systematic orchestration of destruction—all in the name of progress.  All factions from politics, manufacturing, and science have been striving to find the ultimate balance to bring prosperity to each of us.  But oftentimes, as we are so rapidly discovering, the turn of the progressive tide has severely impacted human, animal, and vegetative health.  More earth gets covered over in cement and asphalt, buildings reach ever higher into the sky, factories emit tons of thick, smoky chemicals into the air we can’t escape, trees and forests are being cut down at a phenomenal rate, scientists for drug companies hurry to beat each other with the latest “discovery” to treat myriad symptoms of lack of wellness in humans, plants, and animals often before trials are conclusive which in turn distorts the evidence and truth in reporting we citizens so rely upon.  Feed animals are crowded into pens in unnatural herds and flocks in an effort to feed the masses, and profit is over, under, around, and through most manufacturing processes to meet the bottom line.

We all know this is occurring and all too often stand passively by feeling helpless in knowing what we can personally do to make a difference.  We all really want to be a part of the collective solution, but big business just fails to recognize the wisdom of “prevention” as our true requirements for optimal health.

I believe there is one major task each of us can undertake to ward off the onslaught of damage occurring to the human body creating debilitating and financially devastating illness.  For one we can eat better.  Especially it is important to educate young people today who are receiving the brunt of this pollution as early as in the womb.  I make that statement from the fact that we ingest many chemicals daily from pollution in our food, air,  and water.  Our bodies are a chemistry lab of nutrients, hormones, enzymes, and cells with specialized functions to maintain, repair, and rebuild our tissues and organs and to fight off harmful pathogens that threaten us daily. We are an electricity factory with positively and negatively charged ions making and breaking bonds so that signals can get where they are going; a heart will pump and lungs will breathe.  We are a compost factory where all our food and liquid intake gets turned, twisted, and broken down into usable parts.  And we are a spirituality center where our emotions drive much of our personal chemistry and use up nutrients in processing stress and worry.

Looking at the human body from this perspective helps me understand the importance of great and balanced nutrition to keep the human machine functioning at its optimal best.  Walking down the aisles of the grocery story and seeing the vast amount of “non food” on the shelves is overwhelming.  Watching what people purchase at the checkout stands is heartbreaking, especially when their little ones are begging for treats—a signal they are so early on conditioned to be pacified and pleased with non health sustaining items supporting their growth.  I silently witness the purchases of a plethora of processed and refined foods that do not provide adequate ingredients for supporting the body, but rather add to the load of toxins and substances that the liver and other organs must try to break down and eliminate before damage gets done.  Eating processed and refined foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates in the form of too much white flour, white bread, white rice, donuts, chips, foods with dyes, food flavors made from chemicals and soda pop overloaded with artificial sweeteners and canned foods high in sodium is devastating to the human body.  All of these are not well received by a human body and only clog the detoxification pathways, our liver being our most important organ for detox.

Manufactured chemicals are not the same in molecular structure as naturally occurring chemicals found in whole foods and can actually restrict the entrance of good ingredients entering our cells.  As well they create free radicals, those rascals we all hear about that circulate through our systems causing damage to cells and vessel and organ walls.  A simple change from “junk foods” to whole foods will make a huge difference in the level of well being, clear thinking, and increased energy a person experiences.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but as a student of holistic nutrition, I have been learning the value of changing my eating habits and how important it is to strongly influence people to turn the tide of this nutritional downslide for themselves.  Beginning in youth will make a difference as people get older.  Manufactured chemicals, whether in food or poorly researched drugs, “does NOT a body good!”  But we each have a choice—to be healthy and to take our health in our own hands or to “go with the flow” of what manufacturing profit mongers strive to make us believe because they understand that human nature wants convenience, a quick fix, and an easy solution.

My hope is to encourage everyone to reconsider their choices.  There is no convenience, quick fix, or easy solution when you suffer from cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or arthritis that deteriorate the body.  There is suffering.  Providing the body with rich and vital nutrients that fuel the chemistry and electricity operations of the body and that compost effectively creating a rich nutrient available loam for digestion becomes one of the best choices everyone can make to live a long and healthy, disease free life.

I formed the Sandpoint Wellness Council with the intent to bring well researched information and professional practitioners together to provide more effective and sustaining solutions to current health care concerns, from young people to the elderly.  As people become sicker, current medical practices have guided us to believe we all suffer drug deficiencies, when in fact we suffer from a lack of nutrition.  We overeat but are underfed in an effort to find energy and satiety.  The solution lies in the reality of providing our bodies with its essential building blocks found in our ancestral and innate need to eat a variety of real and whole foods unadulterated with pesticides, herbicides, artificial growth hormones, additives, and antibiotics.

When we make the shift in small but purposeful steps, return to our innate wisdom of feeding on foods rich in natural nutrients and clean water, we will experience a return to health, energy, and vitality.

Please visit for published articles by the members of the Sandpoint Wellness Council and tune in the first Tuesday of every month at noon for our radio program on complementary health news provided by Blue Sky Broadcasting on 1400 KSPT/1450 KBFI.

By Krystle Shapiro, LMT, owner of Touchstone Massage Therapies, Welcome Home Wellness Products, and Nutrition Plus! And founder of The Sandpoint Wellness Council, Located at Stepping Stones Wellness Center, 803 W. Pine Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Real Health, Real Food, Effective Strategies for Sustained Wellness
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