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Andrew Weil, MD – Real Healthcare Reform

Andrew Weil, MD a Harvard trained physician and bestselling author for three decades speaks on Larry King about what real healthcare reform is. Here are his high points:

  • What we have is as disease management system for a healthcare system.
  • Lifestyle is the key to health
  • Low tech vs. high tech – i.e., bodywork, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and more vs. expensive, invasive and not health generating procedures
  • Band drugs ads
  • Health education – real health education, lifestyle education starting in elementary school
  • Real prevention
    • Not expensive tests
    • Basic, core changes
    • We pay for intervention, not prevention
    • Support the strong movement to reform medicine
      • From medical school
      • Economic crisis is forcing change
      • Need to work a making people healthy
      • Drug lobby is very powerful, i.e. preventing Medicare buying drugs at a discount
        • Trained us the only way to treat disease is through drugs
        • Our physicians are more generalist vs. specialist
          • Countries with more generalist are healthier
          • The money from healthcare goes into the pockets of those who don’t want to see it change
            • Healthcare is an industry – it needs to be non-profit
            • You can’t afford to get sick today
            • What we get for our money is disgusting
            • Physicians are disturb about the healthcare industry
            • Today’s healthcare industry is like our banking industry

Dr. Weil has always been an articulate advocate for holistic health. Now with his new book he is a strong advocate for reforming the core of our healthcare industry.

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