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“I Can Make a Difference” Personal Health Care Decisions for 2010

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All of us have been so concerned about the state of affairs in our communities as well as the global situation affecting us in so many ways—especially financially and with health care.  I am sure we are all wondering what “we” each can do to make a difference for ourselves.  I am no financial expert and will leave that advice to those who study money market trends, but I do feel, as a medical massage therapist, there are many things each of us can do to improve our overall health and well being that in turn supports our immune function and thinking patterns.

Several years ago an associate of mine made this statement:  “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”  This made so much sense to me, and I keep this concept ever present in how I think and feel about taking good care of myself.  Naturally my profession has taught me the importance of regular bodywork that stimulates all of our senses and helps put us “back together” when our lives feel so out of sorts.  It is more than the momentary “recovery” of ourselves through the power of touch and nurturance that restores us, but the ongoing effects that linger following massage within our body systems.

Muscles, organs, tissues, and cells are meant to move, stretch, and contract.  When people become sore, achy, or injured in some way, muscles can become locked into holding patterns, and if left unaddressed, can become a chronic problem much harder to recondition.  A well trained licensed massage therapist with a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology (the internal workings of the human body), and kinesiology (how the body moves, its levers, angles, and spaces), can purposefully restore the synergistic actions of the body to return a client to proper posture, improved range of motion, normal activity and function of muscles, bones, and connective tissue, and personal vitality.   Receiving regular massage is something we can do for ourselves.

For all of our muscles, organs, tissues, and cells to function at their optimal best, the right kinds of fuel must be provided.  Here again, this is something we each can do for ourselves.  We must be conscientious about the quality and amount of foods and liquids we ingest—whole foods and a variety of them free from additives, dyes, antibiotics, and growth hormones that clog our body’s ability to detoxify them.  Pure clean water is a must and lots of fresh clean air (oxygen) our cells need to perform their ever changing operations keeping us alive and well.

Learning relaxation techniques is something we can do for ourselves.  This reduces not only mental tension, but body tensions as well, allowing us to place our concepts of daily stress into improved perspectives.  Stress reduction and management are crucial for our ongoing well being.   Life is beautiful when we give ourselves time and space to breathe and experience its myriad offerings.

And finally, a most important task we each can undertake to make things better is to actively get ourselves to our optimal weight.  Excess weight puts so much stress on all systems of the body and begins to break down our joint capsules, stresses our internal organs surrounded by excess fat tissue and burdens their operations.  Slowly and gently reduce your weight by movement, eating wholesome foods, drinking clean water, resting often, and believing in all you can do for yourself because you want to live a long life in the precious body where you now dwell.

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