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Are You Connected?

You live in a great community, but are you connected to all the magnificent opportunities Sandpoint offers? Are there events or organizations you would like to know more about? Do you wonder where are other people who share your interests?  Do you have an interest or business you want others to know about?

Whole is a new organization bringing people, organizations and businesses together to connect them with each other and the world.

Whole Sandpoint is starting to enroll members who want to share their interest, organization or business with others through having their own web site and collective calendar listings. Many small businesses and organizations don’t have a web site or blog because the expertise or expense required is too great. Whole Sandpoint came up with a simple way to resolve those concerns.

Owen Marcus and Leslie Villelli are seeding the creation of a way for members to get their word out, not only to others in Sandpoint, but to the world through the Internet. There are many great experiences, services and products people outside of Sandpoint would appreciate if only they knew they existed.

The goal is to have Whole Sandpoint evolve into a co-op where the members not only run the organization, but help each other. As the members pool together their passions, resources and expertise we can “raise the barn” for Whole Sandpoint.

One phenomenon that exists, yet often isn’t acknowledged, is that Sandpoint is a holistic town. Many of the small businesses and organizations in Sandpoint serve the holistic and/or natural living market. People move to Sandpoint for the chance to live in a community that is green and sustainable as well as holistic. They, as well as those who haven’t moved here yet, could take advantage of these holistic goods and services more readily if information about them was easily obtainable.

What you get

As a member of Whole Sandpoint, for a small monthly fee, you will get a website and/or a blog, listing in the collective calendar and promotion as part of Whole Sandpoint. As hard as it may be to believe, you could quickly become a proficient blogger spreading your word to the world.

Visit or contact Leslie at 208.290.4784 to learn more.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advance Rolfer,, 265.8440.

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