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The Power of Flowers

Bach flower remedies

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The power of flowers captivate all living things not only from their beauty and magnificent colors, but the variety of fragrances each flower emits.  Dr. Edward Bach studied this power of flowers, their fragrances and oils (essences) and their effects on people.  Through many experiments Dr. Bach discovered that different flower essences held healing influences for many human disorders and especially for rebalancing emotional states. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher in 1934 ,  Bach remedies are derived from non-poisonoous plants, shrubs, trees and flowers.  The healing properties unique to each plant are distilled by sunlight or boiling spring water.  The “tinctures” are then mixed with alcohol and diluted into a final mixture that is taken by dropper internally under the tongue.  These natural flower essences do not conflict with any other medications the client may be taking.

There is so much trauma going on in the world today with the economy, job loss, finances, and even the weather.   The emotions that many of my clients have been experiencing at this time are stress, fear and worry.  Stress seems to be running rampant in our society.  Stress is a sign that we’ve passed the limits of what we can safely achieve.  Long-term stress is harmful because it inhibits the body’s normal process of detoxification and regeneration.  Short periods of stress can make us ill; long periods of stress can kill us.  Rescue Remedy is the perfect formula for general stress.  Cherry Plum is another useful remedy to treat mental and emotional pressure and being too tightly “wound up.”

Fear is a constricting physical feeling which can affect the vicinity of the heart and the upper abdomen.  It is caused when we try to resist – more or less unconsciously – an event that we know or assume will cause us pain or suffering.  Essentially, we attempt to fight against fate.  As soon as we find another focus, give up our tense defensive posture and trust fate, our inner constriction disappears along with our fear.  Aspen is the essence of courage.  Aspen is helpful when we suffer from terrible, anxious, and seemingly groundless fears.  Mimulus is suitable for specific fears as well as for treating the general constitution of anxious individuals.

A friend once told me that “Worry is praying for what you don’t want,” yet many people are worried about finances, relationships, and other issues too numerous to mention.  White Chestnut is useful when thoughts and worrries are obsessive causing sleep disorders and difficulty concentrating.  Mimulus and White Chestnut combined are for people whose fears and worries make them unable to think clearly.  This combination can suppress our fears and help us think through the problems and solve them easily.  Bach Flower Remedies bring clarity to your emotions so your responses become proactive rather than reactive.

Toni Tessier, CMT, has practiced integrative massage therapy including Bach Flower Remedies for over 15 years.  She maintains her practice at Stepping Stones Wellness Center, 803 W. Pine St., Sandpoint. She can be reached at 208-610-8681.

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