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Do You Know the Secret to Boosting You Immune System? (Part 2)


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The power of removing the stress (Part 2)

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Sperry nails it with this statement: “the most critical clinical effect of manipulative therapy is the quieting of sympathetic hyperactivity.”

“Sympathetic hyperactivity” is when the “fight-or-flight” response kicks in when you’re not in physical danger. For example, getting very stressed out over traffic when there is nothing life-threatening about being stuck on the Long Bridge.

So when the soft tissue relaxes, it releases the stored tension of the stress response and stops compressing the muscles and organs of the body. That compression restricts movement and circulation.

Just think about it: if your stomach is tight and compressed from stress, it’s like someone is constantly sitting on your organs. I have seen dozens of clients over the years who had chronic visceral problems—and a stomach that was as hard as bone. When the abdominal muscles release, often the ulcers, colitis, and constipation just heal.

“I used to have horrible indigestion whenever I was tired” one of my clients told me. “Finally, one day, I realized that when I’m tired, I don’t always sit or stand up straight. My stomach wasn’t physically working right. Now when I have an upset stomach, the first thing I try is sitting up straight and breathing deeply. It usually works.”

As the stored stress releases, the resources that went into being “hyperactive” can be allocated to rejuvenation. If you body is fighting the fight, it doesn’t have those resources for your immune system.

Why are some people always sick? Why does it take others so long time to get well? Why are so many people feeling old before their time? It is the structural and fascial restrictions that build up over the years.

The Good News

Through skillful manipulation of the soft tissue, this tension can be released. Rehab and exercise will not release this tension. Massage, visceral or craniosacral manipulation, yoga, acupuncture and Rolfing can release the tension. (Western medicine is catching on to this, finally, and many doctors prescribe bodywork.) The more chronic tension that’s released, the quicker you get well. If the therapist is working on realigning your structure, you have the added benefit of not fighting the effects of gravity.

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