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Your Health, What Is It Worth?


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The slow decline in our health that we see in our friends and ourselves we accept as the cost of aging. The gradual loss of vitality we accept because we are getting old. This is a big reason why over a third of us spend well over $1,000 in out-of-pocket expenses per year on our healthcare.

We are lemmings. We are running over the cliff of being unhealthy and paying for it because everyone else is doing the same. Our entitlement attitude has us feeling that our body’s health is the responsibility of our docs and payment the responsibility of our insurance company or the government.  We balk at the thought that we need to change our behaviors to change our health. Many refuse to spend any money on their best investment – their health.

In spite of this culture of ill health, there are a growing number of people choosing to invest in their well-being. These innovators are changing behaviors through improving their diets, exercising, and practicing stress reduction. They are paying for holistic services not only to feel better, but also to prevent the aging they see in their friends.

I’m seeing more women and men in my practice partly because they don’t want to get old, become sick, and  not be able to fully enjoy their life. These people not only don’t accept the status quo of aging, they don’t accept their health responsibility lies with someone else.

I always ask why someone wants to see me. Recently, a business owner had the usual back pain and old injuries acting up. Yet his bottom line reason was he didn’t want to get old. He saw his friends, who were also in their 40’s, gaining weight, constantly injuring themselves, and often in pain. Before he finished working with me, he had a body that was performing better than it did when he was 20; he released his chronic stress, learned how not to put stress back in his body, and learned more efficient ways of using his body.

The only problem he had was with his friends. As he continued to share his new found health he attempted to enroll them in a comparable renewal plan. Some would right out say, it’s too expensive. Others would say yes I’ll do it only to never take action.

If you want to get out of pain, live a longer and better life, or just feel good – take the risk, make the investment. If the thing you tried isn’t giving what you want, ask around for something that will. I suspect, if you pursue it like you do anything else you want, you will have a healthier body.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advanced Rolfer,, 32 yrs experience – call if you have questions: 265.8440. Owen also writes for his blog.

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