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Reduce Acne Flare-ups with Proper Dietary Choices

We are all anxiously awaiting the onset of warm summer weather, donning our shorts and bathing suits, and basking in the sun.  The joys of summer activities keep us outside for long hours, and this can create some problems with our skin.  Teenagers especially are susceptible to developing pimples and acne from the accumulation of sweat on the skin or bacteria becoming clogged in pores that create an inflammatory response leading to redness, swelling, and oftentimes pain and itching.  This in turn can cause excessive rubbing on the skin which further adds to the irritation.

The severity and progression of acne conditions develop through a complex interaction of hormones, toxins, keratinization (hardening of the tissue), sebum (waste products trying to get out through pores), and bacteria.  While acne is a bane with many teenagers and some adults, it can be effectively managed and/or eliminated with proper dietary choices that improve digestion, especially the breakdown of fats and proteins, and support immune functions with detoxification to reduce inflammation.

Our internal health determines our external health and vice-versa.  What we eat enables all our cells, tissues, and organs to function properly.  Today each of us becomes exposed to so many environmental toxins.  We must be diligent in avoiding irritating ingredients and chemicals in our personal care products, our cleaning products, and our foods.

Dietary choices supporting good skin health include consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; organic is best because of low to no pesticides and no genetically modified intervention.  Avoid all processed, prepackaged, refined, sugary, and fried and greasy foods.  Often these are just “foodstuffs” and not real nutrient dense foods. For some, milk products may be problematic as well.  Avoid food additives such as dyes, MSG, and artificial sweeteners.

Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are important for healthy skin, hair, and nails.  These great fats and oils are found in fresh deep sea fish, nuts and seeds and their oils such as flaxseed, sesame, and hempseed, and olive oils, and avocados.  Just don’t overdo on these oils, but include them rather than margarine and vegetable oils found in clear bottles.

Including plenty of fresh leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables insures the body of receiving the raw nutrient materials required for effective functioning of all body systems.  Especially important for acne control are adequate amounts of Vitamin A, zinc for wound healing and tissue regeneration, Vitamin E and selenium for immune support and to reduce free radical damage caused by poor diet and toxic exposures, and Vitamins B5 and B6 supporting hormone metabolism and reduction of sebum secretion.

Daily cleansing with calendula soap may be helpful.  Tea Tree oil or Azelaic Acid may provide healing options as well.  According to my sources, long term use of Acutane, a common product used for acne, has been shown in research trials to create negative side effects potentially leading to hypertension and depression.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN recently completed her Masters degree in holistic nutrition.  She owns Touchstone Massage Therapy and Nutrition Plus!  She may be reached at 208/290-6760.

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