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What Is Missing in Our Lives

What did we have 2.5 million years ago?

We had tribes that we lived in. These tribes were our protection and enabled us to be successful hunters and gatherers. Yet, they provided more. These tribes were the social and psychological matrix of our existence. They fulfilled our primordial need to belong to something. They watched our backs. They were there when we needed someone. They held us emotionally. They were our community.

These tribes educated us, mentored us, and held us accountable. They showed us how to mature as men and women. These tribes witnessed and celebrated our successes. They marked our passages and they initiated us into new stages of our lives.

Micros’ lineage

10,000 years ago we left the tribe for the farm. 200 years ago we left the farm for the factory. 25 years ago we left the factory for the computer.

All along this journey, our genes and instincts have remained the same. Over millions of years our genome was perfected. Our ancestor’s genome is 99.9% the same as our genome. Our primordial need for a tribal community still exists in us. We are hardwired to need a tribe. Much of our general malaise can be attributed to no longer belonging to a tribe.

For the last 50 years we have searched for our tribes attempting to feed the hunger for deep connection; first through encounter groups, then the women’s and men’s movements, and now men’s groups.

Where do you go for your tribe—to Africa?  No. You create your own micro-community. You feed your dormant need for a small community by creating your own community, one that serves only its members. A micro is not outwardly focused. Its purpose is to serve its members. We need one group in our lives that exists only for us, not for someone or something else.

We de-evolved from our primordial essence. Now we need to re-evolve together with our micro-communities. You can start your own micro for free by going to to download a free guide. The guide will show you how to get your members for your micro of men or women, then how to run it.

After years of participating in and starting men’s groups I can attest to the power of a micro. What our partners, families and our current community can’t give us, a micro can over time. The collective, instinctual wisdom of the members of micro nourishes our hidden hunger.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advanced Rolfer,, 32 yrs experience – call if you have questions: 265.8440.

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