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Websites Are the Key to Educating – do you have a website?

For decades (yes I’m that old) people have asked me why didn’t I know about Rolfing sooner? Today, with the internet, it’s possible to learn about leading edge nutrition, bodywork, holistic health and more in a matter of minutes. BUT—here’s the caveat–you need to be smart about what sources to rely on for accurate information.

Once you discover something, you want to check out where you can get the product or service. Again the internet can help; Google what you want to see who locally offers it.

The problem

There are many talented practitioners here in the Sandpoint area. Many moved here after having successful practices in large cities to escape the stress of those cities. Amazingly, I’m still hearing the same complaint from people I heard 30 years ago:  they didn’t know [insert holistic practice here] was available locally.

With the internet there is no excuse for people not knowing what is available here in Sandpoint. There are many local businesses that are losing business because they have no website to inform locals about their product or service—and to educate potential out-of-town clients.

The solution – You Need a Website

Germinate Media Group, Sustainable Sandpoint and I volunteered to teach you the basics of how to build your website. Really don’t want to do it? We’ll teach you how to hire someone to build it for you economically. With simple instruction it is actually easy… you can do yourself, and won’t look like you did it yourself. We will guide you through what you need to know.

We are offering a free seminar! Come and bring your friends to the Readery, grab some of their delicious food, and listen to how you can bring your life and your business into the 21st Century. Ask any “stupid questions”! You’ll find out they  aren’t stupid, and others have them too. It will be fun evening.

Monday, October 22, 2012 – 5:30 to 7:00PM

At The Readery   (208) 597-7866

209 N 1st Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864

What you will learn

  • why having a good website is critical to business success
  • how to get business from outside Sandpoint
  • how to build an inexpensive site yourself
  • what to avoid – the common mistakes that can cost you
  • what to make sure you include – the keys to a successful site
  • why good design is critical
  • where to go for free help

If I can teach myself to build websites that are rated #1 in Google, we can help you create a site that educates our community about what you offer. You don’t need to be in the healthcare field, either; anyone interested in building a website is welcome.

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