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Biofeedback: some help for a good night sleep

In our rush, rush world many people have trouble at night shutting down their mind chatter that disables the nervous system from relaxing.  Also with the constant “on the go” lifestyle, our adrenal and endocrine systems are under continual stress. I call it “wired but tired.” We are tired, but when we lay down to close our eyes, our adrenal glands may remain active and we simply cannot shut our brains down. Sound familiar?

We think that we are relaxing by turning on the TV, but programs can stimulate our brain too much. Have you ever nodded out in front of the TV, then gotten up and gone to bed only to be wide awake? It has been shown that it takes the brain an hour after the TV is turned off to return to a normal state.

People that have a hard time sleeping will have a much better chance of falling asleep if they lie down and read for a while compared to turning off the TV and trying to go right to bed. Another big mistake is having a TV in the bedroom. We fall asleep in front of the TV in a daze only to wake up and be wide-awake. Many people have it on all night and it keeps their brains stuck in theta waves, meaning that one is daydreaming or twilight sleeping. We want to achieve the delta wave mode which represents a deep sleep.

There are many forms of Biofeedback, but the one form that has been shown to work best for sleep is electroencephalography (EEG) that measures brain wave activity. This program allows for auto focusing to detect stress; then it sends signals to the brain, nerves, and muscles for retraining all on a subconscious level.

Biofeedback is non-invasive and very relaxing.  In the high stress world we live in, biofeedback may provide the solution to your sleep challenges.  If you have a hard time sleeping or for general stress, biofeedback may prove an appropriate protocol to consider.

Robin Mize, Healthy Habits, Licensed Wellness Coach/Certified Stress and Pain Specialist specializing in drug free stress and pain management using Quantum Biofeedback and Pulsed Magnetic Therapy.  She can be reached at 208-263-8846.

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