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Thanksgiving Food and Prep

As we all head into the holidays and the anticipation of lots of familiar, traditional, and sometimes new dishes, I am reminded of the importance of keeping it all in nutritional balance.  Markets are full of canned pumpkin and vegetables, lots of supplies for breads, cookies, and candies.  I see the makings for candied yams with fluffy marshmallows, prepared stuffing, and boxed puddings.  I am concerned about most of these foods as they are prepared with so many ingredients that are not good for us, high sodium content my biggest worry.

In honor of Thanksgiving and appreciation for our readership and the support The Sandpoint Wellness Council has received since our inception five years ago, I wish to remind everyone about the importance of choosing foods and ingredients wisely.  We have all been learning about the malpractices in our food industry placing too much antibiotics, growth hormones, and additives in our food so meats look plump and juicy, canned food holds its color with artificial ingredients, all have an undetermined (or healthy) shelf life, and appear attractive for us to buy. Fruits and vegetables are coated with herbicides, pesticides, and waxes, all ingredients that will make it difficult for our bodies to digest and detoxify.  Foods that travel a long distance to our markets lose nutrient value during that travel time, so selecting foods closest to us here becomes a good choice.

When preparing your food for the wonderful holidays ahead, please wash everything carefully and fully lessening the impact of these unwanted coatings.  Purchase meats from growers who grass feed their livestock.  This insures a natural diet for the animal and healthy ingredients in their tissues.  Provide lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, abundant this time of year and colorful.  I love the array of fresh apples, oranges, tomatoes, and yellow, red, and orange bell peppers.  The more color you serve at your dinner table, the more nutrient dense your dishes will be in vital, health promoting ingredients.  And with improved digestion from these good fresh foods, the easier it will be on lessening that “stuffed” feeling we all seem to get because so much love abounds with our family gatherings and our special menus.

Those of us at The Sandpoint Wellness Council wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family. We send each of you a cheer to your great health in all the coming years.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN, is the founding member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council, owns Touchstone Massage Therapies and Nutrition Plus!  She can be reached at 208/290-6760.

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