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Adrenal stress

rainbow regionStress plays a big role in how our adrenals function. We are victims of stress from so many avenues, like environmental toxins ie; cleaning products, beauty products, food additives and emotional upheaval just to name a few sources.

These things cause major stress on the body and the adrenals, which are your main producers of hormones and neurotransmitters. In layman’s terms messes with your happiness and your energy!

We can get into a situation where we are tired and foggy in our thinking so we reach for things like empty carb muffins and cookies and caffeine. This temporary boost excess cortisol level, which is produced by eating more foods. This causes the person to develop fat around their middle. Sure it can give you a boost for a short time but in the long run keeps you wanting for more. Now I’m not saying that those are an absolute no no. I am saying that if you are doing that daily and still dragging through your day you may want to look at your adrenal stress and research it a bit.

Unchecked this vicious cycle will continue of low cortisol leading to fatigue and cravings, and then inappropriate snacking and high cortisol levels leading to overeating, obesity and may eventually lead to “insulin resistance”.

As fatigued people stimulate their flagging adrenal glands with these de-vitalized foods over the years their bodies become more deprived and deficient. Cravings for sugar are common with adrenal fatigue as they give you a short-term energy boost.  In the long run, however, it will only deplete your energy further.  There are several ways to stabilize blood sugar by making sound nutritional choices. Eating good quality protein like lean wild or organic meats and fish, adding healthy fats like coconut oil, krill oil, chia seeds and raw nuts. Add complex carbohydrates at mealtime like organic brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa. Snacking on whole fruits and veggies will give you energy. Eating regular meals is important too. Often when we change our foods we go into the diet mentality and don’t eat. This is detrimental too.

Many people who suffer with fatigue can also have a compromised immune system. They can be sensitive to chemicals and additives that are found in many of our processed/prepackaged foods.
Here are a few ways that you can help yourself!!

Eliminate or limit your intake of refined sugars, (ie: biscuits, cakes, candy, Cola’s and fizzy drinks, drink sachets containing sugars and aspartame, etc.) wild honey and natural sugar from fruits are completed and the body knows how to process them.

If you don’t eat vegetables, start eating one serving a day, if you already eat one serving a day keep adding to that. Try green smoothies.

Increase your “lean” protein intake, (ie: chicken, fish, pork, lean beef). Wild Salmon once a week is a great idea, and you can now get it in frozen, single portioned packages. Also, try venison or elk for a change.

If you aredrinking tons of coffee or pop for the caffeine, Green or Oolong tea will give you that lift too and they are full of antioxidants and are better for this purpose than “fizzy drinks”. If you want something fizzy try a good sparkling water with added flavored Stevia.

Eliminate or cut back your use of processed foods, (ie: frozen dinners, anything with a “powder packet”).

Increase your intake of fiber; organic steel cut oats with coconut oil, cinnamon, raw honey and chia seeds is how I start most mornings.

Don’t be afraid of a little more salt in your diet. People under stress, adrenal stressed people, often have the need for a little more sodium in their diets. Remember not all salt is created equally. From my research Pink Himalayan is best and it has not had the minerals stripped out of it.

Robin Mize is a Certified Wellness Coach specializing in customizing plans for optimum wellness. Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Certified Pain management using Pulse Magnetic Therapy. She is proud to be a member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council and can be reached at 263-8846

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