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Microwaving Harms Nutrients in Foods

chicken dingFor many years we have all enjoyed using a microwave oven to warm or cook our foods.  Today research is beginning to reveal the damaging effects this type of cooking is having with the quality of the food, especially for fats and proteins that causes them to become more difficult to absorb.  Great health requires great absorption of a wide variety of essential nutrients we must consume daily.  Food molecules, each with a distinctive shape and length, become altered in the microwaving process.  Nutrient receptors on our cells that await the proper raw materials to pass by for their utilization will not recognize these altered molecules.

Water molecules contain oxygen which reacts most sensitively to microwaving.  The heat generated in microwaves creates a friction on the cellular water, and it is this rapid action that tears apart the molecules deforming them. With microwaving, the heat is generated within the food cells and radiates outward.  With conventional cooking methods, heat is conducted from the outside to the inside.  Raising food temperatures slowly and steadily maintains most of the food nutrient integrity.

Another important concern about microwaving foods focuses on the use of soft plastic containers.  Such containers leach chemicals in the plastic into the foods.  This sets up the opportunity for excessive free radicals (those unstable molecules that cause cellular damage) to build up.

Many mothers may be warming their babies’ bottles in the microwave.  This alters the amino acids in the proteins and becomes non-nourishing for the babies. Baby formula should never be heated in the microwave.

When I first learned this important information, I purchased several small pans to warm my food or cook small portions.  This proved to not take that much longer than microwaving, and I felt my food was healthier.  I now only use my microwave to heat up the rice bags that warm my feet at night!  I also discovered that my toaster oven cooks very well, and since it is smaller than the oven, uses less energy.

For those people quite used to using a microwave, this information will not be that welcomed.  But understanding the importance of lowering free radical damage that causes myriad inflammatory conditions in the body and can lead to damage to our brains, the concession to no longer use a microwave oven seems a positive step for improving one’s health and longevity.  I didn’t like giving it up either, but because I listened to the incoming research on microwaves, I feel my food and how I prepare it now makes all my cells happier.

Krystle Shapiro owns Touchstone Integrated Health Therapies and Nutrition Plus!  She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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