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Chosing the right Physical Therapist can effect your recovery

Laughter: The Best MedicineThere are many physicians in town who specialize.  Some are board certified in family medicine, internal medicine, chronic pain, or orthopedics.  Physical therapists also specialize.  There are therapists in town that specialize in aquatics, geriatrics, pediatrics, work hardening, sports, joint replacements, and chronic pain.  Personally, I have no treadmill, bike, or any other type of sports equipment.  I specialize in joint and soft tissue mobilization usually of the cervical or lumbar spine.  I  also treat shoulders and have a special interest in coccyx or tailbone injuries.

Cranio-sacral Therapy is a treatment modality that uses the force of a nickel, 5g, to release fascial restrictions within the skull following trauma or prolonged dental procedures and is very effective for treatment of vertigo, TMJ, headache, migraine, and concussion.  Visceral Manipulation is also a gentle technique that releases fascial restrictions around the organs.  This may occur following abdominal or pelvic trauma, infection, or following surgery.  Women’s Health is advanced training for urinary and fecal incontinence.  This treatment is also used for men who have had their prostate removed.  Research shows  they will be incontinent for 6 months following surgery, but will have better outcomes if they receive pelvic floor muscle training prior to surgery.

It is also important to consider the setting in which you want to be treated.  Many therapists treat in an open gym setting which is great for athletes or patients with joint replacements.  Some  patients, however, would prefer to be treated by the same therapists each time in a wellness center environment.  I recently had two patients who reported to me last week that this was the case.

When choosing a therapists don’t be shy about interviewing them.  Many therapists now have websites that you can visit to get information about schooling and specialty area.  Call and talk to the therapists, inquire about their schooling, and how much continuing education they take.  Also remember that Idaho has “direct access”.  This means that you can go directly to your PT of choice without going to the MD first, except for Medicare.  Also, if your doctor suggests one clinic, you can still go to the clinic of your choice.

For questions about choosing the correct PT to fit your needs, call Mary Boyd, MS, PT at 290-5575.  Mary is a member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council and owner of Mountain View Physical Therapy.


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