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Lose Weight and Get Strong – Eat Meat

Strong as a BullIn 2012, 34.9% of the people in this country were obese, which is 35 pounds over a healthy weight. Are you one of those Americans who are obese? Are you inching your way there?

We all know the two simple ways to turn this around are diet and exercise. We are less clear on the most effective ways to utilize these two methods. New research from the U.S. Army shows that people who ate 0.73 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day gained the most muscle and lost the most weight.

By eating more protein your body won’t use your muscles as fuel. By eating more carbohydrates, such as grains, your body has too much fuel, which becomes fat.

For 35 years I’ve seen clients who were protein deficient. When I had my holistic medical clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, I noticed that 25% of our women clients had some form of muscle loss. A few of these women were vegetarians, but many were women who ate meat. All were eating healthy diets. Most worked out, few were Olympic athletes.

The lack of animal protein (vegetable protein in the vast majority of cases does not work) and exercise compounded their problem to the point where some were  amenorrheic, had bone loss, weight gain, were chronically fatigued, depressed, and losing hair, to name a few key symptoms. In essence, they were not losing weight and felt worse from their intensive regime of low-meat-eating and hard workouts.

Eat meat

Clients would argue with me why their diet and workouts were good. I would agree that in theory they should be good. But their tissue wasn’t lying. Something was off. It wasn’t the quality of food they were eating. It was pushing their bodies too much with not enough meat to replenish what was being burnt up.

In a few cases I actually told clients, “Unless you cut back on your exercise and increase the intake of meat (preferably grass fed), I won’t work on you.” Their tissues were so depleted there was nothing to Rolf. In most cases that was a wakeup call – they got it. In a few cases, I lost a client. In all the cases I can recall the Rolfed client would slowly feel better, lose fat they couldn’t lose such as their cellulite, and become stronger.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advanced Rolfer,, with 33 yrs experience – call if you have questions: 265.8440. 

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