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What Is Going to Be Different This Year?

Workout spaceLet’s get honest, how many New Year resolutions have you kept? If you are like most of us, fewer than you intended. When I had my holistic medical clinic, we learned that there were three facts that sabotaged losing weight: 1. Diets don’t work. 2. Exercise is boring. 3. The biggest impact on our health is lifestyle.


When you starve your body it craves more food;, it’s a natural survival response. If you give your body the food it really needs, not what you feel it needs, it will be nourished. Yes, you will go through a period of withdrawal, but that will disappear in a few weeks.

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of clients lose weight they never thought they would lose from just eating primarily vegetables, grass feed meat, and fish. Eliminating the grains and in particular the wheat was the secret to losing their weight. Dr. William Davis’ book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health gives you the science and the how-to behind removing wheat from your diet.

Eating meat that is grown organically and not fed grains gives your body the fat and protein it needs. Yes fat! Your body needs good fat. Too many people are deprived of the fat our ancestors had. I’ve seen women who were starving themselves trying to lose their cellulite, dissolve it away with eliminating wheat and adding meat and fat (oil) to their diets.


If you don’t enjoy your exercise, you could be doing your body harm. If you’re having fun, you’re not only more likely to stick with it, you are less likely to injure yourself. Beating your body up may in the short run produce results, but in the long run you are tighter and possibly injured.

The growth of 15 minute exercise or Super Slow workouts shows that it’s not the amount that matters. It’s the quality. Slow, precise and short exercise will cause your muscles to burn fat more than any other form of exercise.


There is no magic pill. Get honest, what is really at risk if you don’t change a few behaviors? Your health and its impact on those that love you, let alone unnecessary suffering and early death. The growing evidence of how simple changes make significant differences is proof that it will work. You just need to choose which changes you will start with. Steve Kamb, who started the blog Nerd Fitness has a simple approach, and it is free and powerful. Let him guide you. Make these changes fun. Turn into a team sport—do it with others.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advanced Rolfer,, with 33 yrs experience – call if you have questions: 265.8440. 

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