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Consider Chair Massage for Back Health

Zoosk Employee Chair Massage ProgramAs the snow recedes many of us are looking over our yards with eagerness to get going on our gardens.  Some of us may be looking at the tasks ahead with concern for all the clean-up that needs to be undertaken from the snow pressure on our lawns and tasks such as raking left over leaves from the fall season.  My own yard needs a lot of pruning and sprucing, and this will mean a lot of leaning over, reaching up, raking, and lifting the piles of debris I create.  Ouch!  Oh my aching back!  As my father always wailed.

Our backs provide our upright support and it becomes important to protect it and care for it properly.  Massage therapy is an excellent choice for maintaining our backs.  Chair massage is an affordable massage session that focuses on the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and hips.  The benefits are numerous.  It is very relaxing, areas of congestion are relieved, neck and shoulder pain reduce or heal, and our busy arms and hands get the attention they need.

Many injuries to backs, especially low backs, comes from lifting objects from a twisting position or picking up objects not close enough to the body.  This engages the lower back muscles to contract under pressure and can lead to involuntary contraction causing pain or chronic discomfort.  Remembering to face the objects you need to pick up, be close to them, and bend your knees will help the back respond properly.

For some people who find it difficult to lie on the stomachs, chair massage is the perfect solution to receiving a comfortable massage with all the same benefits of a full body massage.  A person is fully clothed in chair massage and this becomes especially important for the elderly who may find it a difficulty to undress and redress.

Businesses and corporations can provide their employees with chair massage sessions.  This improves employee morale, productivity, and sense of value.  Sessions may range from 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on each person’s specific condition.

Chair massage is a great choice for a person to undertake on a regular basis.  It is affordable and provides fabulous health benefits.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN owns Touchstone Massage Therapies and Nutrition Plus!  Please visit for other articles by Krystle and all members of the council.  She can be reached at (208) 290-6760(208) 290-6760(208) 290-6760(208) 290-6760.

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