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Energy Increases with Proper Nutrient Absorption

FennelOur bodies do a lot for us especially in the summer months when our activity level increases. In order to keep up with ourselves, it is extremely important to eat the right kinds of foods, keep well hydrated, and rest when needed to allow for recovery.

If you don’t feel energized after eating, this could mean you are not digesting your foods or absorbing those vital nutrients. This then disables the cells to function properly leading to fatigue. Chronic stress, poor food choices such as too many sweets, excessive consumption of non-foods like sodas, alcohol, and processed foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, and a history of antibiotic use all contribute to a disruption in proper digestion and an imbalance of the good microbes in our stomach and intestines. When these chronic situations or habits are sustained, damage to the lining in the digestive tract can lead to leakage of undigested particles into our circulation. This creates an inflammatory response and over time leads to chronic illness.

The good news is our digestive tracts can recover if we undertake positive dietary changes.   The first step is to begin detoxing and eliminating junk foods. Fruits and vegetables are excellent in supporting our detoxification processes. In earlier articles I shared the benefits of papayas, pineapples, and pomegranates for supporting digestion. Cherries are another wonderful fruit important for our metabolism. Fruits and vegetables provide not only rich vitamins and minerals but fiber that is important for moving foods through the system in a timely fashion.

Raw foods are nutrient dense. For those who find raw foods uncomfortable, light cooking is appropriate and will still retain most of the nutrients. It is important to plan ahead and carry healthy food with you so you won’t binge on non-foods later in the day. To keep energy up, eat small meals throughout the day. Snacks of fruit and seeds and/or nuts or raw vegetables with dip such as hummus will sustain energy and support digestive tract recovery.

Hydration is critical for digestion. I suggest having water handy but in glass bottles to avoid the contamination of plastics (phthalates) into the water. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors that distort our hormone balance when excessively consumed.

To avoid our constant exposure to chemicals and toxins, choose organic sources of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Increase consumption of deep water fish such as salmon, mackerel and some tuna and choose only grass fed meat sources and poultry raised free range. These meats then contain healthy tissues supporting our nutrient needs.

Don’t forget to exercise regularly as this also improves digestion, circulation, and energy. Simple changes will make a big difference. Think positively and you will feel better quickly.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN owns NewTritionally Yours! nutrition education and Touchstone Massage Therapies. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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