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Guess What? Our Brains are Not Static!

I have been studying brain research for some time now and have wanted to utilize this knowledge as a sharing for those of us concerned about our aging and our fears of experiencing the various forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinsons.

Our brains are miraculous. They orchestrate so many functions of our daily living. Mostly we have come to believe that our brains are only capable of operation from the genetic code developed from our birthing.

The reality now arising from deeply centered science focuses on the plasticity of our brains, the ability of brain tissue to mold, meld, adapt, and transcend DNA. This is remarkable science as it leads each of us to the recognition that we, as individuals, have the power to change the direction of our brain directives by the proper support of our DNA.

How can this be? I used to believe that was a given solid. I could not change it or overcome it. Today this belief has been overcome by the fact that the choices we make in many areas of our life experiences have a profound influence on the expression of individual DNA. I used to roll my eyes at this concept.   How can one change our DNA?

But I learned through my research that the human body is made up of myriad cells all differentiated to perform the various functions of life. Those cellular functions require certain actions and specific nutrients to meet the demands of their DNA coding for optimal function. What each of us choses to provide for our cells will determine if we activate our cells optimally or activate our cells into rogue activities such as inflammation, oxidation, and the proliferation of aberrant cell division seen in cancer development.

The latest information I have been researching has to do with BDNF – brain derived neurotrophic factor. This is exciting news about how the plasticity of our brains, meaning that we can work with our brains and make them better even after traumatic experiences such as stroke or accidents if we recognize that we are not stuck in a paradigm of “this is all that can be.”

We all have heard the stories of people who have overcome mental and physical challenges only to come out more on top than before their tragic experiences. This occurs because they placed their attention of being all they could be and worked for a life well lived.

Our brains are programmed for survival. Setbacks from accidents or physical catastrophes oftentimes can be overcome through belief in a purposeful outcome and attention placed on that outcome. I learned long ago that “what you think about all day long is what you will eventually get.’ Too often we think about the negative things we fear and not enough on the positive things we want.

Our brains are adaptable. We are innately programed for fight or flight and for accommodating our environment. In a pristine world, we would address our stresses from our fight or flight lifestyles. In our current lifestyle, we must confront the need to resist our confrontation with the myriad man-made manufactured chemicals and pollutants that alter our DNA in a negative way leading to unwanted mood swings and ill health.

Let’s give our brains what it requires so we positively affect the function of our DNA as it is supposed to be. As I have been harping on – whole foods, lots of leafy greens and colorful vegetables. Choose grains compatible with your metabolism, and make your diet varied to achieve maximum nutrient density.

Longevity, according to recent and good science, is all about the choices we make that support our brains. Let’s make those choices together and support each other for our long lives in our beloved community of Sandpoint.

Krystle Shapiro owns NewTritionally Yours! and offers nutrition education classes. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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