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Regenerate Your Brain Power with Healthy Choices

brainMany of us today are becoming more worried about our brains and its ability to remain sharp throughout our lifetimes. Aging, we have assumed, brings about those glitches we hate: forgetting people’s names, misplacing our keys, glasses, and cell phones, entering a room and wondering why we are there, for example.

These annoyances can begin to happen at any age due to contributing factors stressing our brain cells.

  • Several OTC medications such as antacids, birth control pills, various types of aspirin and pain killers, as well as cholesterol lowering drugs may block receptors important for our brains receiving vital nutrients.
  • Unfiltered tap water brings loads of harmful chemicals into our bodies like chlorine, fluoride (where it is used), arsenic, pesticides, herbicides and many more all requiring nutrients to detoxify.
  • Personal care products list many harmful ingredients in our shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, lotions, and creams such as fragrances, dyes, aluminum, stabilizers, thickeners, and such. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient most likely it is harmful to a human body.
  • Poor food choices. We are lured daily to enjoy “manufactured” foods and highly processed foods that little resemble “real” food. These foods create a sluggish brain and consumed on a regular basis undermines optimal brain function.
  • Lack of adequate movement and exercise robs the brain of oxygen necessary for energy production as well as weakens a body overall.

According to David Perlmutter, MD in his book The Better Brain Book, “brain degeneration is not inevitable. You can stop it, reverse it, and recover what you have lost.” The key actions for restoring and/or maintaining optimal brain function must focus on choosing the right fuels a brain requires and to refrain from the use of chemical laden foods and products.

The myriad chemical laden foods and products we select create tons of unstable free radical ions and molecules that move about the body creating damage, especially to the brain. Free radicals love fat and with our brains 60%-70% fat, it becomes a vulnerable target. This leads to an inflammatory response by our immune system; inflammation now considered a leading cause of illness and chronic disease.

Each of us holds the power to maintain our brain function well into our aging by the choices we make. In upcoming articles I will provide you with lists of natural foods and supplements supporting our brains so we can begin to feel an increase in energy, mood, concentration, and feel proud of ourselves that we are supporting and loving our brains.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN owns NewTritionally Yours! and Touchstone Massage Therapies. She offers nutrition education classes and medical massage therapy. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760

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