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Don’t Buy It

Woman Running Barefoot (IMG_1153)“It’s inevitable,” we are told, “you shrink as you age.”. Well, two years after getting Rolfed at age 23, I was an inch taller. Now at 62, I’m an additional quarter of an inch taller. If you buy into limiting beliefs about your health, you create self-fulfilling prophecies. Or course, it takes more than having an empowering belief; it takes non-traditional action to produce extraordinary results.

What are some other assumptions we adopt that limit us that are not true?

A huge one is, “My genes determine my health.” The new science of epigenetics teaches us that our response to our environment turns on or off our genes. The Human Genome Project discovered genetics are only responsible for about 10%of human disease.

Another common belief, “I can’t heal my chronic pain through diet change.” The leading-edge research on how eating carbohydrates produce body fat and lead to inflammation – two principal causes of death – shows us how this simple change can produce considerable results. For years my clients lost significant weight, resolved chronic pain issues, and increased vitality by eliminating grains from their diet while making sure they were consuming enough high-quality meat.

“The body I have, I got from my parents, and I’m stuck with it.”  We are told that our genes predetermine our structure. Structure deterioration is expected – your feet will get flatter, your legs more bowed, your back stiffer, and your neck more forward. But just as my body continues to lengthen from the bodywork I receive, so can your body evolve out of its chronic difficulties.

Stress and environmental toxins cause our soft tissue to contract and deform, misaligning our skeleton. We treat the symptoms, or we can back up and treat the underlying causes. We are taught not to question what is causing a condition; we are encouraged to get a drug to suppress the immediate symptom. When the condition keeps returning, it serves us to look at what is reproducing it and finding a sustainable remedy.

Not shrinking, keeping your weight down, healing your back pain, and feeling good as you age is possible when you step beyond our prevailing mindset of what it is to get old. When you are willing to explore holistic therapies and a healthy lifestyle your body can transform. I have clients in their 80s who are healthier than people half their age. More importantly, they feel young and vibrant.

Owen Marcus, MA, Certified Advanced Rolfer,  – call if you have questions: 265.8440.

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