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Fat, the Final Frontier

CIMG1661We can carry on a video phone call with anyone on the planet, but we can’t win our war on fat. An obese person in America is likely to incur $1,450 in medical expenses annually; we are in crisis. It’s true, we’re getting smarter – we’re realizing what we were told about diet was wrong. It’s not fat that makes you fat; it’s all the sugar that puts on the pounds.

When I had my clinic in Scottsdale, I had a line of women come to see me to lose cellulite. I never promoted this benefit of Rolfing. It was women noticing the change in their friends. These women lost their hips because most of them were protein deficient, so when they started eating more meat, they toned up. The other factor was releasing the chronic, deep tension that prevents circulation from reaching the cellulite tissue causing a detoxing inefficiency.

Then there are those who are obsessed with being thin. Our ancestors used their body fat as their reserve for lean times. To this end, a recent study showed that women with bigger butts are smarter and more resistant to disease.[1]

Next to carbohydrate intake, stress is a determiner of your fat. If your body is constantly under stress, you are telling your body’s physiology that you are in a state of survival. That causes disruption in your hormones. Your cortisol goes up as your fat goes up. Men will report low testosterone and high estrogen which is a set up for the most dangerous fat – visceral fat.[2]

Overweight men report low testosterone associated with obesity and sexual dysfunction along with cardiovascular disease risk and Type 2 diabetes.

Simple Solutions

When clients reduce or eliminate their wheat intake, move more, start breathing properly (most of us breathe a fraction of what is possible), and remove their chronic tension, fat drops off magically. You don’t need to diet; you need to eat well. With sitting becoming the new smoking, most of us don’t move enough, let alone exercise enough. Lack of the good stress of movement and exercise has the body tighten and stagnate. Research shows that a good walk is almost as beneficial as a run for exercise.

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[1] Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Resistant To Chronic Illnesses, University Herald, Oct 31, 2013

[2] Low testosterone associated with obesity and the metabolic syndrome contributes to sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular disease risk in men with Type 2 diabetes, PubMed, Jul 2013

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