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Awareness is Key to Optimal Health

Wall_Food_10146Media intervention has become the cornerstone of our daily experience. Pressure to respond to the myriad resources of contact lure us to spend time, precious time, engaged in interaction often with information others find cute or important but have no value for us at the moment other than visual enjoyment.

I want to be informed, but I want information that benefits my life experience. I find on my own I unearth too many creative endeavors I find valuable and wish to undertake as I grow older. My closest friend and I have joked over the years that we are “women who do too much” and even had the calendar entitled “Women Who Do Too Much.” We loved that calendar.

My most important growth experiences have come late in my life. Such an experience has spoken of the value of never giving up, never thinking you are done with achieving, and never stopping being open to possibilities ever present in the human domain of creativity.

As a holistic nutritionist, I love research and finding information to help people who have troubling symptoms. We have all learned over the years that science grows as people grow. Knowledge is plastic – meaning it finds a base from which it can grow and then alters itself as new information is learned. But good science is often pushed to the recesses of information because moneyed interests drive the information.

I find the most important endeavor every individual can undertake is to ask questions of a number of professionals in the health fields, find a sense of trust and security with the information they share, and question their background studies. Scientific information surfaces rapidly and must be scrutinized for who backed the study (big Pharma, Monsanto, science labs supported by big money, or truly interested independent labs seeking health truth). Health care professionals will focus on “your symptoms and needs” to discover how you can overcome or prevent illness issues before you.

My nutritional studies have certainly taught me the value of whole food diets, of ingesting real foods and not foodstuffs loaded with artificial flavors and colors, with nitrites as preservatives, and with coatings of pesticides and herbicide. The effects of the onslaught of man-made chemicals since the onset of the industrial revolution focused on increasing crop production to feed the increasing world population, the depletion of soil nutrients from mono-cropping, the increase of illness around the world, the increase of anger, depression, frustration, and discord, and suicide become visible every day in the rising costs of health care.   The cost of purchasing real food from the maelstrom of false foods often doesn’t seem affordable, but neither is illness affordable. My goal is to research and provide myself, my family, my students, my readers, and my friends realistic information based on good scientific gold standard studies that can be trusted.

We all have choices and many of us have to unlearn what we have been told for many years about what is healthy because the source of information has changed as the science has matured.

Must you change? Yes. Will you hurt from the change? I don’t believe so. It is all about learning some new information that will serve you better. You will like the change. It is purposeful and supports your health and longevity. Who doesn’t want that?

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN owns NewTritrionally Yours! providing nutrition education classes Next classes begin in January. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760

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