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Habit vs Choice, Eating Well is Up to Us

Wall_Food_10093We have all heard the adage “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I realize we are creatures of habit and our food choices have become more about habit than choice.

All the statistics about the rising incidence of diabetes, heart conditions, thyroid dysfunction, chronic illnesses, obesity, and cancer speak to the reality of our habits of choosing the easy road to convenience and taste most often sacrificing nutrition that feeds and heals our bodies’ cells and maintains our health.

I teach in my classes how the body works and what it needs to maintain cellular integrity and health. I give my students lots of useful handouts for menu planning and making supportive food choices when they experience fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, depression, or illness. The best intentioned tools may lay fallow, however, until “a horse decides to drink!”

Our busy lifestyles leave us all vulnerable to marketing hype selling unhealthy “foodstuffs,” foods fortified with low grade nutrient additives, colorants, and manmade chemical flavor enhancers that dupe us into thinking we are consuming tasty real food.

Processed foods filled with chemicals that cause poor quality food to look and taste good only cause our bodies to have a major task of detoxifying such foreign substances. You see, our bodies are wise in identifying what is “us and not us.” It recognizes wholesome nutrients and fights against unnatural manmade ingredients.

Even our beloved pets are experiencing disorders we humans have encountered – obesity, diabetes, tumors, arthritis, and cancer.

Since learning to value of good nutrition, I have changed many of my habits choosing more whole real foods and forgoing processed foodstuffs. I love Braunschweiger and Swiss cheese sandwiches. I pass that counter and tell myself “No!” because of the chemical preservatives and nitrites. About every 18 months I succumb to the lure and my remembrance. When I do purchase it, I know I have fed myself well with antioxidant rich foods from colorful fruits and vegetables and grass fed meat animals. I know my occasional indulgence will be met with healthy detoxification nutrients to weather the onslaught. I am human after all.

Our ancestors hunted and foraged on the land consuming real food – leaves, grasses, seeds, nuts, berries, roots, and animals eating their natural diets. Those same nutrients feed human bodies. No chemicals, no pesticides, no flavor enhancers, no color additives but real food.

We have a choice and how we choose to feed our cells that make up our human organism is up to us every day. Health care costs are expensive. Changing to healthier food choices and incorporating wise cooking methods to preserve nutrients will save us money in the long run and insure health and well-being.

Krystle Shapiro, MSHN owns NewTritionally Yours! offering nutrition education classes. Next class begins January 7, 2016.

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