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Understanding violence occurring today

fightEvery day brings more distressing news of violence occurring against innocent people around the world.  I am sure many of us in America worry about when we might experience other attacks on our homeland.  We ask ourselves what is perpetuating such intense anger by so many individuals.  What are the underlying causes of so much discontent leading to aberrant behaviors?  Why are people not getting along, sharing their spaces and resources, and recognizing our international humanity?
As a holistic nutritionist and bodywork therapist, I have come to believe that human beings are living creatures requiring certain and essential elements for survival.  Just as plants and animals must rely on taking in high quality nutrients to live and function efficiently, people do also.  When food sources become deficient, all living beings suffer the breakdown in their cellular efficiency.
I believe there is a drastic connection to aberrant behaviors and dysfunctional thinking processes due to the depletion of essential soil nutrients taken up by plants we consume largely due to the agricultural practice of monocropping that leads to soil nutrient depletions, and meat animals being fed unnatural diets, corn, and fillers that diminish the quality of their meat tissue.  The plethora of “false foods” loaded with chemicals we often cannot pronounce stresses our liver, our most important detoxification factory of the human body, to get rid of these toxins that damage our tissues, especially brain tissue.  The rising incidence of diabetes, heart and lung diseases, obesity, cancer, and chronic and autoimmune disorders begins to paint the picture that nutrient deficiencies are rampant in human bodies.
When the brain fails to consistently receive essential nutrients to perform and interpret wisely, the cascade of important chemical messengers also breaks down.  This can then lead to panic, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and disturbed thinking patterns.  In order for a person experiencing these symptoms to feel better, more junk food often becomes the choice.  This then leads to the continuance of up and down moods and ill-health.  Many research studies have clearly demonstrated a lack of healthy nutrition creating many disorders that in turn can potentiate psychopathic/psychotic behaviors.
Of course, the anger and rage occurring in the world today has many underlying causes leading to such global disconnection to reality by terrorists and disenfranchised personalities.  Yet when good health abounds and the brain receives all it requires for responding to the environment and experiences, it appears reasonable to intuit that a person would be better able to consider, discern pros and cons, consequences of choice, and find reasonable and considerate balances when confronting differing ideologies.
Around the world people are becoming more and more frightened and uncertain about their overall safety.  These worries also increase a release of strong chemicals in the body that require detoxification.  That is why it is important to consume plenty of whole, healthy foods to provide the body and especially the liver what is essential to function during those stressful feelings.
At least we can recognize that we are in control of those choices – to eat well, to make wise food choices supporting our bodies especially in times of stress and/or stressful thinking, to get enough rest, to interact positively with our families and friends, and to build community that will ultimately enhance our experiences and connect us all more humanely and lovingly.
Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, owns NewTritionally Yours! offering nutrition education classes.  She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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