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Is Your Injury Recovery Not Working?

injury photoWe spend more than $250 billion per year on work related injuries.[1] Americans also consume 80%of all prescription painkillers produced in the world; that’s 259 million prescriptions for painkillers.[2] Prescription painkillers kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined. What makes all this worse is that pain meds often don’t work—just ask chronic pain patients.

If you are fighting one injury after another and the pain is increasing, you might start to realize that much of the pain is not from the most recent injury; it’s the accumulation of years of wear and tear on your body. You begin to understand why your previous remedies—such as pain meds—were ineffective. And you’ll find out that drugs, surgery, orthotics, braces—as good as they are—won’t heal your body. You may fix the local problem for a while, but when it comes back, or another area has a problem, you have to accept that you have a chronic situation.

We all try the quick fix. We hope treating the symptom will resolve the problem—it did when we were young. We adjust our workouts, chairs, posture in hopes that the problem will disappear. Sometimes it does, for a while. Over time, though, we learn that our bodies aren’t as resilient as they once were. A tweak here or there doesn’t do it. So we are told we need to strengthen our backs or whatever the problem area is. Again, often it helps—for a while.

After trying all you knew, and all that you were told will work, you are still injured and in pain. Now you are frustrated and scared. You see your friends having hip and knee surgeries as if they are putting a new set of tires on their rig. You look at your parents and wonder if you will end up like them. You read that Americans live longer but with more disabilities or health issues,[3] and you worry where you will be in ten years.

Next week, read Another Option for Chronic Injuries, the next in the series of three articles.

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