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Nutrition Deficiencies Play a Part in Suicide

2008_09_16News articles and research reports continue to surface illuminating the incidence of suicide in youngsters as young as 10 years old.  It is alarming to even think about the act of suicide let alone it occurring more and more in young people.

We can somewhat grasp the reality of suicide taking place when a person finds themselves without hope for overcoming horrific experiences such as war time expectations leading them to perform unexpected atrocities necessary in such theaters of combat whereby they bump up against their individual codes, ethics, and self-interpretations.

We can somewhat wrap our thoughts and understanding why those people entrenched in hard core drug use, seemingly on the rise, who accidently OD or choose to “opt out” from hallucinatory perceptions.  But 10 year olds?

As a holistic nutritionist who researches brain health and who has written a book I hope to publish soon on addressing the rising incidence of veteran suicide, I find strong connections to deficient brain chemistry that leads to dysfunctional thoughts and aberrant behaviors.   A lack of nutrients supporting brain function upsets the proper metabolism of brain chemistry. Vital nutrients ingested regularly enables effective delivery of signals to all systems of the body promoting optimal health and thinking patterns.

My research has deepened my understanding of detrimental ingredients lacing many of our current false foods.  Such food include highly processed methods that destroy normal nutrients in real foods, add back in lower grade ingredients that our bodies cannot metabolize but must detoxify, and then bleach and deodorize them to make them pretty, palatable, and saleable.  These foods do not offer nutrition for human or animal bodies.

A healthy brain cannot endure in an efficient way without vital raw essential nutrients to carry out its programming.  When brain chemistry breaks down mood swings, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and organ system deficiency can arise all leading to confusion and irrational thinking.    Too often people suffering these conditions opt for taking a drug that, with long term use, only exacerbates what they are trying to overcome to feel better.

Drugs do not replace good balanced nutrition.  Whole foods filled with vital and natural ingredients that are easily recognized and digested support vibrant health and clear thinking.  As a society many have moved so far away from knowing the taste of real food and learning the best cooking methods to preserve those nutrients.

Now is the time to learn and change how we think, feel about, choose, and prepare our foods so we and our families have a strong chance for optimal health and practices throughout our lives.  Suicide ideation and follow-through are linked to nutritional deficiencies as part of the challenge in brain dysfunction.  Restoring vital nutritional ingredients must be included along with emotional and psychological interventions in the prevention of suicide by our loved ones who contemplate such a move.

Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, owns NewTritionally Yours! providing nutrition education classes.  She can be reached at 208/290-6760.

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