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A Roadmap to Better Health – Part 3

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Reversing chronic issues, preventing future ones, and enhancing performance comes first from removing what is limiting you, what is making you sick. Whether from your body or your environment, the two factors that best determine your health are stress and toxicity.

How Releasing Stress Gets You Well

From decades of being the last resort for hundreds of clients, I learned that until the chronic stress and the habitual stress response leaves the body, you can’t get well. It’s simple – your stress response is your survival response stuck on. We are hardwired to survive. Stress is a subtle form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Stress is when your survival physiology will not shut off when you are not in danger. Over time, the stress response becomes your norm, your idle.

The catch is that all your resources go to survival, as they should. The problem is you don’t need them to, because your life isn’t threatened. This causes your body to slowly wear down. No body is designed to be in a constant survival state. We see this phenomenon in the extreme with our vets  suffering PTSD. The war is years in the past, but their body/mind is still there.

How Detoxing Gets You Well

Along with removing the stress from your body, you need to remove possible toxins. For some, this is not a major issue. I thought I was one of those, but over the years of my own journey, I came to learn that, in spite of what seemed like a healthy childhood, I had accumulated substances that were not supporting my health.

Once I had a client who was as big as they come. He spent his life working construction. He appeared to be a man who was healthy and strong. His body was certainly tense, though. After several sessions, he suddenly looked ten years younger and like he’d dropped 20 lbs. He said after the previous session he became sick, coughing up black tar. He said he hadn’t smoked in over a decade, but for several days all he did was cough and sweat. After his impromptu detox, he said he never felt better.

For some, what they have accumulated in their body is what is preventing their body from healing. It’s as if their toxic load is a brick wall that they can’t get beyond. When that wall is dismantled, the body can do what it knows how to do: get well.

Before many can rebuild, they need to deal with these saboteurs. I’ve seen people spending thousands of dollars on a monthly basis doing all the right things but not getting well. Their roadblocks were invariably one or both of these issues.

Next week we will discuss what you do after your remove these blocks.

Owen Marcus, MA, Certified Advanced Rolfer, author of: Power of Rolfing, – call if you have questions: 265.8440.

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