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Which type of magnesium should be used?

March 7, 2017

Magnesium is not one of the most present minerals in our body in terms of quantity, but I do consider it one of the most crucial. It is also a major nutrient deficiency in most adults. I’ve seen numbers suggestion as high as 80% of us are low. As a co-factor in almost all of […]

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Digestive and Systemic Enzymes Keep Us Alive

February 8, 2017

The vast majority of enzymes are very special proteins in our body that are vital for life. Without their help, the chemical reactions cells need to stay alive wouldn’t happen, or happen fast enough. There are about 3,000 enzymes identified in the human body, and as many as 50,000 we have yet to discover. Enzymes […]

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The Four Different Forms of Vitamin B12

January 31, 2017

B12 is one of eight B vitamins. Though each is unique, they are commonly associated together because they tend to come from the same foods. Bs qualify as a vitamin as they are essential for life and our bodies cannot produce enough on their own. Vitamins by definition differ from minerals, essential fatty acids, and […]

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Intestinal Imbalances and Leaky Gut

January 24, 2017

These bacteria help the body digest food, support absorption, produce vitamins like B and K, fight infection from other microorganism, and maintain the health of our mucosa lining by creating short chain fatty acids. Any imbalance of this complex intestinal microbiome, both qualitative and quantitative, can lead to intestinal permeability and microbial maladaptation in the […]

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What You Don’t Know about Collagen Could Impact Your Health

January 23, 2017

Joe climbed my stairs as if he were climbing the last 100 feet of Mt. Everest. His steps and breath were deliberate and labored. He greeted me with the hello of a man much older than his body presented. Years of hard work and hard play had created a body that was old before its […]

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Nutrient Depletion from Prescription Drugs

January 10, 2017

Using prescription medicines and over-the-counter drugs can deplete some of the vital nutrients our body needs. This can happen either through interfering with absorption of a particular vitamin, or by reducing the body’s ability to synthesize some essential nutrients. Storage, metabolism, and excretion may also be at hand. As a pharmacist, I recognize the importance […]

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Nutritional Foundations and Methylation

January 4, 2017

My approach to addressing health concerns is sequential and progressive. This means that I always start by optimizing foundations to well-being like eating whole, real, fresh and low glycemic local foods. I think good quality water, especially spring or filtered water, is essential – though I feel I don’t drink enough at times especially when […]

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How Rolfing Tricked Me

December 31, 2016

There are few things in life that can deliver more than they promise. Breck Parker, a roommate of mine back in the mid 1970s in Boulder, CO, used his legal training to persuade me to experience Rolfing, a modality he was studying. Initially, I said no. He was a good litigator, thorough, and persistent. The […]

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The Philosophy Behind Optimal Health

December 31, 2016

Everyone has their own unique approach to health. I certainly have mine. I’ve come to realize that my attitude, and the philosophy behind it, greatly influences the decisions I make everyday towards well-being. How I think about health has become an important motivator for what I do. Chronic disease is driven by the interactions between […]

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Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Turmeric

December 18, 2016

There are many herbs that draw attention in medical literature, one of the most frequently mentioned is turmeric. Some of the other herbs I read about include milk thistle, ginger, garlic, ginseng and cinnamon. I’ve discovered that turmeric is likely the most important of these at fighting and reversing disease. Turmeric is a main spice […]

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