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How Is Your Inflammation Killing You?

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Research continues to point to inflammation as the cause, or a strong contributing cause, for most illness. The C-reactive protein test, which detects inflammation in your body, is the best indication of cardiovascular disease. It’s not the acute inflammation of an injury that is a concern. It is the chronic inflammation that produces disease such as obesity, diabetes, dementia, depression and cancer.

A recent study showed that elderly subjects who had the highest levels of C-reactive protein and interleukin 6 (two markers of systemic inflammation) were 260% more likely to die in four years.

You can continue to treat the effect of the inflammation, or you can treat the cause. The cause is an irritant, which is stress to the body. It might be a repetitive motion injury, an allergen, a toxin, or the psychological stress of life.

Along with inflammation, the body produces scar tissue in the blood vessel or the fascia. You see it with that bad ankle sprain you had many years ago. First, it really hurt and swelled up. Today you are left with a thicker retinaculum, a band of fascia around the tendons above the ankle. Over time, full range of motion is restricted while making your ankle more vulnerable to strains.

Mark Hyman, MD, wrote an excellent article explaining the role of inflammation in disease and what you can do to not only prevent disease, but stay young. He doesn’t address what Rolfing addresses, the soft tissue system, nor does he mention that all infection starts with inflammation. But he does emphasize how chronic irritation produces chronic inflammation leading to dis-ease.

He gives 7 Steps to Living an Anti-inflammatory Life:

1. Whole Foods 2. Healthy Fats 3. Regular Exercise 4. Relax 5. Avoid Allergens 6. Heal Your Gut and 7. Supplement.

As Rolfers, we help release the stressors of mis-alignment, movement maladaptation and the emotional stress stored in the soft tissue recreating more stress. A Rolfed or relaxed body not only contains less stress, it is more adaptable to stress, and gets less “irritated.” Without constant irritation, there is no inflammation and scarring.

As Hyman says, deal with the cause. Don’t keep treating the symptoms with a litany of drugs.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advance Rolfer,, 265.8440.

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