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Don’t Be Afraid to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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Are you scared to be healthy?  Are you so far away you no longer know what it feels like to have great health and vitality, to be full of energy and positive thoughts?  Are you hanging on for dear life and seeing your life experience erode away under the heavy rains of this economic thunderstorm?  Do the answers just seem too confusing, too complicated, and too diverse to comprehend let alone know what steps to take to make positive changes?  And then have to ask yourself, what ARE the best changes to select that make a difference FOR ME AND MY FAMILY?

You are not alone.  We are community.  We are our beloved Sandpoint Family.  We can survive together and survive well if only we CHOOSE to make some simple baby steps toward improvement.

In my holistic nutrition class I am studying the cardiovascular system.  Both sides of my family suffered heart problems and passed away from their complications.  As well, my mother passed away from complications of cancer.  So my interest in preventative health has become a strong focus for me, although it didn’t settle in until I was 61 years old, five years younger than my mother’s age at death.

I, too, struggle to make appropriate changes.  I write articles for you to learn about things we can all do to make a difference as I learn them and begin to incorporate these ideas into my own.  I have a favorite term many of my friends find amusing, but I feel it is so relevant today as we all consider our next steps—paradigm shift!!  Isn’t that what we are all faced to accept?  We must change the way we view what is happening, shift into a positive direction, and make the necessary changes that can improve our situation and make a real difference.

The statistics on how our dietary habits influence how our genes and our DNA function provide insight on the many simple steps each of us can undertake to make huge differences.  With heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity on a huge rising scale in industrialized societies, we must pay attention.  Here are some simple steps to undertake that will make huge differences in your health, vitality, well being, and in the long run, lower your health care costs – another part of our feelings of frustration about affording our survival.  Here goes:

Eliminate as much processed food from your diet as possible.  This means white flour, white, sugar, white rice, white bread, and canned and processed foods found all over the grocery store.

Ingest whole grains such as oatmeal, wheat if tolerated, rye, barley, amaranth, and millet, and my favorite – quinoa, brown rice instead of white, legumes (peas, beans, and chickpeas-garbanzos), and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables—organic is best, and don’t forget seeds and nuts such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, and almonds.  You can go online and call up “the dirty dozen” and find out which foods you can purchase more safely non-organic and which foods are best purchased organic.  This will help with budgeting challenges but provide you with the best possible first steps to improving your health.  And for meats, buy organic, grass fed animal meat, free range chickens, and deep cold water fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, and tuna.

“Just do it” as we all are familiar with.  I am learning to change my eating/preparation practices and have noticed a difference.  You certainly can contact me if you want to learn more at a faster pace than our weekly articles provide and my publishing turn occurs.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, is the founding member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council and owns Touchstone Massage Therapies and Nutrition Plus! She can be reached at 208/290-6760.

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