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Reverse Aging

“John” was a plastic surgeon and client who became a friend of mine, and we used to debate why Rolfing was helping him. He claimed that fascia couldn’t change, so I said, “Then you tell me why your chronic back pain is gone and your golf game is the best it’s ever been.” We also discussed aging, which was his business.

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John didn’t like working on patients who weren’t healthy; their fascia (the connective tissue that holds everything together and becomes scar tissue) was dried out and not elastic, and they didn’t respond well. We did agree that fascia is like tree rings: you can tell the relative age of a body by the quality of the fascia. Resilient fascia responds to plastic surgery, Rolfing, and, I would argue, all healthcare interventions.

What occurs with aging

We’ve resigned ourselves to our bodies tightening and drying out of as we get older. But I’ve had clients in their 80s who were healthy, happy, and active with a posture and walk you would see in a younger person. Their “fascial suit” hadn’t shrunk as it had for their peers. If the tissue that holds everything together is thin, resilient, and subtle, the muscles and organs will be too. In fact, I use an osteopathic practice to release the fascial adhesions around an organ. The removed tension allows the organ to regain full functioning.

How to reverse aging

First, decrease the stressors that damage your health. Is your diet contributing to or sabotaging your health? What is producing tension in your life? Remove or decrease those emotional stressors and you can change your life.

When I had a stress reduction business, I discovered that we learned to be tense and we can learn to relax! You taught your body the stress response that produces the tension that contributes to aging. Replace your stress response with a stress release response. You will feel younger and look younger.

Be proactive: detox your body of old environmental and diet toxins. Detox your body of the chronic stress through bodywork like massage and Rolfing. Then focus on maintenance and prevention. Do yoga, get out for walks, get daily exercise, and learn to eat organic foods. Just increase the quality of your life.

Getting old is not an inevitability. Will you go gray and get wrinkles? Sure. Do you have to spend your later years immobile and in pain. NO. Going past prevention to rejuvenation is easy and fun with all the holistic therapies available. Live dangerously: try one.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advance Rolfer,, 265.8440.

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