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How Do I Get the Butt I Want?

women's buttsLadies, look at your daughter or your niece or any girl under about age 14 and you usually see a lumbar curve. You see a low back curve that allows the pelvis to sit balanced on their legs. As women mature in our culture they lose their lumber curve causing the low back to flatten. Not only is this a set up for back problems, it changes the position and use of the legs.

This shift causes the stride to shift so the effort goes from inside of the leg to the outside. The IT Band, that band of connective tissue on the outside of the leg, is not meant to do that work, so it tightens. (Incidentally, aside from not working the glutes properly, that constriction restricts circulation to the thigh allowing cellulite to build up.)

Many a marathon runner has bragged to me about her running while complaining about her butt. Every part of her body was toned other than her butt. All her hard work was not producing any results.

The solution

Systemic:  stop having your body produce fat. The most effective way is to stop eating overly-processed grains. For some this means following the Paleo Diet that focuses on eating vegetables and meat. I’ve seen women and men just do this and lose serious weight while never feeling hungry. They often discover their chronic inflammation (which produced joint problems, cardiovascular issues, and digestive irritation) resolved itself from removing grains. Shifting to a Super Slow workout retrains the muscles to burn fat.

Structural: realign the body so the low back, pelvis, and legs are doing what they are designed to do. Then learn the Natural Walk so your legs begin to develop the right set of muscles, toning where needed and releasing where needed.

I have seen dozens of female clients over the years amaze themselves and their friends from adopting just a few of these solutions. You can get the butt you want if you are willing to change a few simple behaviors.

Owen Marcus, MA Certified Advanced Rolfer,, with 33 yrs experience – call if you have questions: 265.8440. 

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