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Nutritional Deficiencies can lead to discontent and violence

20130920-OC-LSC-0863I am sure many of you are feeling like the world has gone mad. The global violence disturbs all of us at a very basic level of our comprehension of right and wrong. We all hold perspectives as to the “whys” such turmoil exists but we may not have understanding why the last several years have brought on massive incidents of worldwide violence against innocent people.

As a nutritionist and bodywork therapist who initially faced skepticism at accepting the dynamics of energetic foundations of human experiences, I began to seek answers about how human beings respond to such psychological and emotional challenges to understand the reality we are now facing: increases in disease states such as chronic illness and autoimmune disorders, rising mental illness issues, rampant increase in learning disabilities in children, worldwide increase in obesity, diabetes, and heart and lung disorders, and cancer more often seen in young people as well as the increase in worldwide violence. What is bringing this about in our current well-educated, professional, and science based societies?

I have come to recognize that we human beings and all living beings thrive by supplying our living organism with their basic needs – whole nutrients that feed our cells so they can communicate throughout our bodies and make use of what we ingest. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells each performing specific functions maintaining life. Cells need the right kinds of fuels to operate as they were designed to do.

Any workplace environment cannot complete assigned tasks or compete in the marketplace without the raw materials of production. The same with our bodies. Proper functioning cannot occur if the necessary tools, actions, and input are missing. A CEO needs productive workers to meet the goals of the organization for long-term success.

The human body requires the same orchestration of dedicated activity from all its employees – enzymes, hormones, nerves, transmitter cells, digesters, immune-fighters, muscles, bones, and sense organs. Commitment, dedication, and determination become supported by effective strategies to complete the tasks at hand and benefit the organization (our bodies) leading to prosperity and longevity.

Globally we face a depletion of essential soil nutrients taken up by plants we consume from the agricultural practice of monocropping. The debate continues about the excessive use of stronger herbicides and pesticides that absorb into our foods. Science to extend shelf life of foods has now turned to genetically modifying and irradiating many of them. Our worldwide environment is awash in manmade chemicals unnatural to all living things. These are important elements contributing to a breakdown in overall health. Such long term exposures to pollutants leads to many of the health conditions I mentioned.

Mental health stability becomes especially vulnerable. Cells need natural raw materials to function optimally. Chronic ingestion of poor quality food and water disables the brain and immune system from communicating and transmitting chemical messengers vital for life and health. Such chronic exposures globally begin to give rise to the “why” of confusion, anger, hostility, aberrant behaviors, power struggles, agitation, depression, violence, chronic illness, and feelings of hopelessness. These conditions are all signs of a brain and body deficient in essential nutrients necessary for optimal functioning.

We must all be diligent with ourselves and our choices for foods we ingest and take responsibility for preventing such debilities with our health. Your body is where you live, really. Begin with small steps toward increasing whole foods in your diet and eliminating all processed foods so rife with harmful chemicals.

Krystle Shapiro, MSHN owns NewTritionally Yours! providing nutrition education classes. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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